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Florida KYW news time, eight oh, four just weeks ahead of election day, Pennsylvania's Republican challenger for governor is trying to put out a political fire that he guided Scott Wagner, apologizing for the violent Facebook, Freddie, made against democratic incumbent, Tom Wolfe KYW's, Kim, Glovas has more video took first one swipe at the incumbent governor governor wolf, I thought you were actually smarter. You really not very smart, then another I'll tell you. I wanna poop. But that's mild compared to what came later in the video you better put a catcher's mask on your face because I'm gonna stop all over your face with golf spikes because I'm gonna win this and Wagner campaign issued a statement saying the comments were not supposed to be taken literally. But were intended to show how Wagner will approach the final stretch of the campaign. Wolf communications director Beth Molina issued a statement saying quote Wagner's ranchos he is unhinged and unfit for office. It went on to say threats of violence have no place in society, and especially from someone running for public office, then late Friday Wagner issued the second video. Walking back. His earlier statement and saying he chose a poor metaphor and a poor choice of words in his criticism of wolf Kim Glovas. KYW NewsRadio dozens of local governments and nonprofits went to court Friday to support Philadelphia's sanctuary city policies. The federal government is a peeling lower court ruling that the policy is legal more from KYWZ city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb, the appeal stems from a lawsuit the city filed against the attorney general when he tried to withhold a grant to local law enforcement on the grounds that the city's immigration policy violated the grants. Terms judge Michael Belsen ruled in favor of the city in June. But the Justice department appealed calling his ruling arbitrary and capricious in its response filed last week the city argues once again that the attorney general overstepped his thority of you supported in meekest briefs from twenty seven cities fourteenth states and the district of Columbia briefs by numerous nonprofits, defended the policy. One from local social service agency says the city policy helps their efforts to. Serve immigrants by assuring clients that contact with the city will not lead to the disclosure of immigration status to federal authorities. Pat, Loeb, KYW NewsRadio..

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