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You in the course of these four years have never come up with a comprehensive plan to replace Obamacare. And just this last Thursday, you signed a largely symbolic executive order to protect people. With pre existing conditions five days before this debate, So my question, sir, is what is the trump Healthcare plan? Well, first, so I guess I'm debating you, not him, but that's okay. I'm not surprised. Let me just tell you something that because nothing symbolic I'm cutting drug prices. I'm going with favored nations, which no president has encouraged to do because you're going against Big Pharma. Drug prices will be coming down 80 and 90%. You could have done it during your 47 year period in government, But you didn't do it. Nobody's done it. Notice the way that Chris Wallace frames that question. You didn't do this. You didn't do that. Largely symbolic. These air analytic judgments in the question when he's saying it was a largely symbolic. Okay, Well, that's that's just Chris Wallace, his opinion man. But it's meant to box trump in and put him on defense with a question about health care, which Democrats still believe is their single other than Cove. It and Trump's a racist. They're their best line of attack against the president. Why would Chris Wallace do that? What? What's the point of Clearly favoring one side. Well, I think we all know the answer. I'm rhetorically asking why you would do it, but really the worst. The worst thing that I saw last night and I got to get this out of the way. Was What Chris Wallace went on to do on the issue of white supremacists and and Charlottesville and that whole the way the left still tells that story about what Trump said. You can't think that Chris Wallace Didn't know what he was doing. You're listening to the Buck Sexton show on the most powerful name and talk talk radio 6.

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