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Started for the Lakers tonight against the Mavericks. It's the first time Davis has played since Valentine's Day because of right leg injuries early in the first quarter, the Lakers have a 14 to 12 lead. Davis has not scored. As of yet, MBA finals Tonight The Bucks get 27 points and 16 boards from yon Asante to Campo and beat the 70 Sixers won 24 to 1 17. Pelicans route. The Magic 1 35 to 100 Celtics beat the Suns 99 to 86 baseball today, a wild ending in Cincinnati, Reds and Diamondbacks go to extra innings tied. It ate the two old pitch lie Dr Center Field, and that ball is base hit gets by the center fielder goes to the wall. It was scored three. Brava turns second he has for third have a Diamondbacks breaking open like they did last night. The call on Arizona Sports 98.7 Peralta drives in seven Including that three run Triple Arizona scores six in the 10th and then holds off the Reds. 14 to 11. The Yankees beat the Indians 63 in Cleveland, two runs batted in for room Netto door. Pirates beat the Tigers or two to Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, not a fan of the new rules allowing flexibility in NFL Jersey numbers on Instagram Today, Brady says the idea is dumb and will make for a lot of bad football. Athletes who take part in political or social justice. Protests at the Summer

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