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On your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time three forty eight time for traffic and weather together on the agent is trying Ericksen what things are looking just fine if you're making your way in the evenings in or outbound nineteen minutes like up to the Kennedy junction whichever you choose your inbound Kennedy busy at the tail end of the hopper she totally got a crash of the three left lanes but the light volume makes things just a twenty two minute trip from here to downtown committee from the instruction twelve but it's as express lanes are closed for overnight meet its work going on to six AM drop on sites twenty but it's still here without issue the problems that you're about Eisenhower is looking good for twenty nine minutes route three ninety downtown make you wait for mankind is sixteen help outside looks good to twenty nine to route three ninety clear and the Stevenson thirty minutes between three fifty five lake shore drive at twenty two it from the tri state ten minutes that's your trip between Cicero in lake shore drive in or out pound it right in fifteen minutes for that if if the downtown back out the same at fifteen to ninety fifth fifty seven of the bishop Ford well now descends northbound lecture drives okay but south out a little heavy before to pass North Avenue it got a crash to work at a clearing that out of the way it should be there much longer but for now it's slow going after that you're free to go at the tristate Adams regular veterans memorial looking good horrific shape on fifty three three ninety I ET a little slow going both directions fifty five Bragg's eighty ninety four looking great and northwest Indiana for the most part good at ninety four sixty five a year to get a toll road Chicago sky we all checking in a okay and your road work set up those making things a little slower IT well that's westbound and the up on Kennedy Brandt that's close you can access that from Adams or north of Adams and they're going to reroute you to Dearborn north bound to Adams and then go west to rejoin the outbound side of the Kennedy extroverted forty three fifty eight abbeys radio seventy one of five point nine FM cloudy with some snow showers but little to no accumulation the low twenty seven later today a few snow flurries early mostly cloudy brisk chilly the high.

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