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Try I never heard of that, all wheel drive corvette trashing. Listen to it. Ed traction control, always traction control. Did you did you ever try yours in the winter? We now we put ours away, right? Positraction positron but had track. Does nothing track and traction control. It's still had to you if you popped it off. Yeah. That's when you really had fun into snow. Yeah. Yeah. Head to be hard to drive at bed, and I actually took it to do game in Detroit. That is dead of winter. I'm driving up ninety four I stopped to get coffee. There's a police officer in there and I hear him say the guy who's the more often. That out there. Michigan cars in the ditch everywhere carefully. I really I mean, Trevor corvette thinking I didn't have another vehicle you've lived in Chicago all your life. Where did a fiberglass sports car with rear wheel drive? Where did that enter your rain? Yes. That's the car for me to inches off the ground. I wanted it. So the days that it snowed, I took the train. I love corvettes cars. I've always wanted to corpus cool calf. Sorry. He got it. So anyway, your guy LT. Tigray is a little trouble to dumping. Up and down like he had a set squares on that card. He had a what he had a four under stretch, a four hundred and three holes. I think, but now he's gone. Like what did you? Backward. He was at minus one and now he's gone bogey-bogey here after being even tea tree putted to course it's tough man. Not a ton of red numbers yet. Tree putting a whole kept was playing walls. We said, yeah. Mine is six there's a tunnel. I'm not gonna read yet. No. DJ poker player. There's never know he's now up by six trucks trails by six the guy that one week ago or two weeks ago looks just like. Guy that went on tour. The won a couple of weeks. Oma Dustin Johnson, and you're right. Freaked me out. That's right. Who's this.

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