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That so we'll on one night throw one other basketball story in these you see patrick beverly's mom one on the prices right no so titles recently no recently gets a dollar in the in the spin thing and then she wins in the showcase shoot on you it's two cars and she goes urged people watch on tony one twenty five bucks monopoly not spent that i have tuck that away i did but i don't i major award i don't know what to do with it because it is just a twenty five i mean it is not no one wrote on it you get this for winning monopoly can make that happen right on put it in a case exactly might be a nice mother's day gift for someone yeah yeah but i but only if they kept it in the course here we will have a jingle we'll have some email when we return i'm tony kornheiser ju listening to the tony kornheiser show i left like this is so unlike me i didn't wake up till six thirty jesse's waiting by the door and soon she will be raising hell listen up to you hear him snore marizzi did i can't tell do me a favor give him in he's sleeping in john fitzpatrick kings sleeping in this sent to today's show to where's the paper the time just flew just as my goal how long it's been no one noticed to his john it's patrick so if i have this right like any college freshman tony sleeps in and discovers that he feels good somebody give it a second doctorate now so of course it deserves sixty seconds of happier than when people cut in your quotes creative never you might make that sleeping in part of the routine now maybe one day a week before we get.

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