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Mark. Glenn beck. It's coming up in just a few minutes. And we have a lot to talk to him. About we have Dmitri in Florida who voted in Broward County. Hello dmitri. How are you? Sir. Nice to meet you guys. Finally on happier circumstances. What was wrong with Florida? I don't know, man. It's nuts down here. We're always the laughing stock when it comes to voting and not to mention there's a third recount not just for governor Senate and now for a department of agriculture Commissioner. Unreal. Okay. Probably can win you. Now, the democrat. What is the word? What is what's happening locally? Most people voted for shot for Senate, everyone that I know pretty much has warm weather that Republican or democrat because they believe that don't often is basically a seat filler at this point. He didn't just want. Now, I live two miles away from parkland or actually where I miss stone. When he came down. He didn't do anything. He didn't do a damn thing. So pretty much everyone is anti. Bill nelson. Everyone likes most people like work Scott because what he's done with stomach Douglas and pushy stuff as well. As he believe you're getting a bad rap from the Democrats roll out of the stuff that environment. What about the in quickly? I've only got about fifteen seconds left here. What about the governor.

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