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Radio. The player of the week is brought to you by Grainger, let's take a look at the one who got it done. And this week the player of the week brought to you by Grainger is John Miranda who plays for Murray state. I don't want to say he's a great kept secret anymore at this point. Because if you don't do John Miranda's you should by now. But at one point he was a great secret when he was not even getting looked at by Murray state. One of the assistant coaches wants to go get a hotdog or something at the food stand because he was hungry as a concession stand. Then he saw job Moran called the head. Coach Murray state said you gotta come down and see this kid, and they eventually did offer him and his stock is going in the right direction as many people now for most of the year with Zion number one. And then Barrett number two in the draft a lot of these mock drafts that I read now have John Mirant as the number two player expected to go in this summer's NBA draft. He's a sophomore six three bucks. Seventy five has comparisons. To Russell Westbrook. Over the weekend. And this is a game, that's typical form now. But I like to give a little attention here had twenty five points, fourteen assists, eight rebounds in a victory. One of two seventy over eastern Kentucky Murray state is twenty one and four their next game. And the next chance that you could see John Moran play is Thursday at eight pm eastern. So that's definitely going to be one of the stories for the NC double A tournament is John Mirant, and he is the player of the week. And that was brought to.

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