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It's highly these days and and if you look at the big players and both hyper converge in secondary storage you know it's a lotta google tech under the covers as well and so you know the the the google for every one aspect is actually coming to be more than people realize yet on whether you win you really dig into the next version of infrastructure the next version of applications yet definitely it's definitely authored sort of like an and uh you know i don't know if people would still remember this but there used to be a a company called basf who would have his commercials that would say we don't make the whatever we don't make give the fabric for your jacket we make it better or we don't make the of the stuff that makes your skis go downhill faster we make it better it koogle is kind of becoming an ingredient in in trying to make a lot of other things better round the question will become is that a position they want to be an or they want to be sort of front and center of of what's going on so i did think that were there was sort of interesting thing so on other could raise frontmen them will jump into to other things you know we covered a lot of it uh a lot of companies adopt a coronet eased you know people like docker sort of you know stopped doing their own throughout their cildren their own thing but you know they're adopting coup bonetti's mazes adopting could raise it was very interesting this year though in austin a couple of weeks ago at q kahn is it it suddenly went from you know a kubanov is doing well and you know there's there's a few companies are really leading it was google and red hat and a few others and and then everybody jumped on board and then the thing that sort of flipped i mean like immediately flipped overnight and this is the typical opensource phenomenon it was 0 karez boring it's a commodity don't worry about it anymore let's focus on something else like literally it whether a it had been been adopted by everybody for five minutes and then the opensource moody was like aboard let's move on let's not only guarding ones here that he isn't cool go find something else he's got a gadget out.

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