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I need you. This is a bad worst yet. Escaping the world college six Replicans, three male female slotted. I'm blade runners job is to hunt down Replicans. Eighty two they thought it was reasonable projection into into the future look at twenty nineteen which is right now in Los Angeles. They're going to be flying cars. They're were going to be those that crushed crushed. Skyscrapers with the videos playing gigantic videos playing the cars flew by. And we we we're going to be hunting down rogue Replicans with Bladerunner that was the vision of what's happening. I'm tremendously disappointed at it doesn't look like that at all. And but it is typical of science fiction that looks into the future in the original story. I always remember the Philip k dick story Bladerunner is based on this, call do androids dream, electric sheep. I always remember. He's a flying car. But when he wants information has to look at his mimeographed pages of reports. Now, a lot of probably don't even know what a mimic graph was. But before there Xerox machines when I was a little kid before Xerox machines, you've got this these two pieces of paper with kind of ink pad inbetween them. So that when you typed with your typewriter on one page it made a copy on the other page that was a mimeograph copy, and you could have mimeograph machine that would do it automatically. It was before Xerox machines were before cop. Peers we're inventing Phil Kate. They could imagine he could imagine flying cars, but he couldn't imagine Xerox machines or computers. He couldn't imagine a computerized world. And so what's so interesting about this Urso Ursula Kayla? Gwen, I think I've got this. Right. She was a a famous she died last year. I think she was a famous fantasy and science fiction writer. She said when you write about the future. You're not writing about the future. You writing about the present you are extrapolates and things from the from the president into the talk about what's going on right now. So Bladerunner, which is now become a kind of. Genre into it self genre of detective tough guy detective who has to determine an issue of what the human being is is really talking about the coming transhumance that I think we all see coming once they can put something in your head that makes you smarter or once they can mess with your genes and make you healthier. Nobody's going to turn that down. And that's going to change the way humans perceive themselves in what the definition of a human being is and his robots become more complex that also going to become may become an ethical issue. I don't actually think that is going to become an ethical issue, but it might. But anyway, so we're talking about Zayed's now that's about and I started to think, well, what stories now reflect where we are even though they don't show the world as a as realistically as we think. So. Right now because of movies are kind of aging the movies become this place that all agr forms. I've talked about this. I know it doesn't times but all aging are forms divide. They divide into things that the people like and things that the intellectuals like and both of those things have flaws because they're missing what an are form has at its absolute absolute prime is it has movie say or plays or novels that not only do the readers like that only the average public like that that excite the intellectual. Shakespeare, you can read Shakespeare till till you die you can nothing. But Shakespeare, it will always supply with intellectual fodder. But the people love Shakespeare in his time. They would come to see them because he was so entertaining. That's an art form of this prime. Casa Blanca art form in its prime. Now, you have the superhero movies that are largely empty calories. And then you have these little slice of life movies that excite the leftist intellectuals, but nobody goes to see them. That's why nobody watches the Oscars anymore giving awards the movies. Nobody cares about excess. This little elite shape now, and then the movie still produce a film that speaks to a lot of people and has a lot of death. And last year, I think the movie that did that was a quiet place that was that John Christine ski Emily blunt film that junk since key directed his wife, Emily blunt. And the story was it was post apocalyptic, you know, you can just play play the the trailer turn the sound off..

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