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To my lobby at my building but the important thing and this is that. How do you do that. And men thain this same consistency in quality regardless where the food is being picked up delivered. So think about franchise want those french fries from tunnels nice and crispy so you want to get the same crispy. French fries at the same temperature for the same amount of time regardless of the location now this requires integration from the front end to the back end envy. Thinking did the process along the customer experience journey. So that's an example where we're talking about the transformation that you are is driven to improve the customer experience to bring more value to the customer and frankly to make fast food even faster. Think that examples really key because it's your point. No one wants soggy french fries. That's that's that's a challenge nonetheless to try to figure out how to make that. Were one of my favorite meals fruits. Yes love steak. Free in this pandemic. i living toronto and toronto. We had extended lockdowns. Matter of fact we just started the reopening last friday we still phase one of the reopening. We really behind many other cities in west and so obviously all. The restaurants were closed right. They just not reopened the patios to get steak frites delivered. It's hard too because like you said by the time they get your house. Those french fries. Not face the same and your steak and you don't want a warm up your state lasting to do is take Loonier state so it's it's difficult right right. Managing that process. That's what really right that requires the company to we. Think when you cook ario cook. What is the right timing right. So if like with mcdonnell's ethnic sampled the franchise if i'm picking up the the franchise at the drive to. I'd have to know knowing. When am i there in my approaching far away from the drive to soy stock in the french fries right. I always ask this. The last question asked most people come on the show. And i think you're in a unique vantage point with both what you do in the business and driving transformation but just as a marketer having been a couple different types of businesses in the past and as a cmo but curious how you think about either the largest opportunity or the biggest threat that's facing marketers today first of all. I think it's a great time to be in marketing. Perhaps this is the best time and the reason so because we have more marketing so much over the last decades today marketing is not just about telling a story or manage the brand it is not about transforming the business and if you think the back into the nineties when i started doing marketing marketing used to be like an assembly line. Very process oriented. Think about like that was the campaign mindset there. We put a lot of campaigns to market. We push these paints to mark was a very much push up approach in was like an assembly line. Because was like you know you uber. From he he had to hear in any push. The campaign knew will through the whole process again and then with the rise of digital and proliferation of channels and with that it marketing has become more like a trading room floor where decisions get made in real time and using real time data and that's been great for marketing because now they can make those decisions raced earning tuition but based on real data and they can be more agile making those decisions. So that's been grading a lotta marketing teams and companies are still in. the nineties. Still haven't moved to that. But i think the next phase of marketing. Which is now were were going. It's going to become more. Like what i call a lab where everything is much more experimental and were keep adding in changing the formula. He felt like think of chemistry lab. We going to be more experimenting in adding different chemicals and creating different things in real time. And i think this presents a phenomenal From marketeers that not wants to be the custodians of the brand to help them reinvent the company in the business and this goes back to talk about in the beginning about product avenue product marketing versus service marketing at marketing product and marketing. A service. And would i think a lot of this now need to i tell my team december day. Actually i tell them the things they should learn and are to do east ohio to embrace a strategic mindset. A doing that in some ways is embracing like a product mindset not a product mindset. Let me just explain not had a push a product market but out the build one as think about a software product. The process of software product development is. Iterative it's also in. it's constantly evolving. Think about the products. We like your iphone. You get new versions new updates. Every year and the product keeps evolving keeps. But never finished. So you about this idea right where you live in a constant state of beta so your campaign is never finished. It's constantly evolving. So that one area. I tell conflict to say think adding that sort of that mindset their way of thinking how we develop software products and bring that into your work right now sometimes this for a designer think about it. It's very challenging and daunting to say. We can't just put a design off the world. It's not dinner. They spent so much time. Thinking about my ad is not finished because you can continue. Put it out there. You see how people engage with it and you get feedback and you continue to add it. Her suspended so much. Sign on something to make a perfect that in my only last a couple of minutes in the market. So that's why. I use this concept of a lab. It's very experimental. And i think this is a fantastic opportunity. So for market for any one today wants to go into marketing. A really believe at least never been agree time now. The marketing also for people do not embrace sort of new way of thinking and if your marketing as cmo today your job can just be to manage. The brand you have to think about yourself is working across the company important skill. The marketeers need to develop you become like chief who operate it. Officer you gotta bring all the other functions together and that is why i think is going to be the biggest opportunity anything for. Cmo's where you're going to see the role becomes way more. Strategic hundred percent agree with you. And i i like the vision in the evolution that you laid out to you and this notion of a lab. I think it's point in the chief. Collaboration officer for sure. It's a theme that pull out across a number of podcast interview episodes As well especially those are doing it well teresa. Thank you so much for spending some time with us. Sharing your story and your insights. It's been fantastic. Thank for having me.

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