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Being than I did. Not Give birth in February because I need her to be celebrated chapter industry his he like it every month. I'm not offer that brackets his. Here's the here's the compromised. We're not going to cold Turkey thing. I want you to detox. Offer this you continue for the rest of the month and their March Jorge Cruise. There'd be no more talking to Stanton who okay. Let's my personal thing. I've been wanting to launch. Am I just WanNa let her know. I'm doing I WANNA anymore. We gotta go back to the guy. Yes he so he was able to. He was able to shoot down four Japanese. He's playing so I know that a row which was great when he returns he was eventually defied like I said he became the first African American tend to be awarded the US Navy Cross Unfortunately Miller was killed in nineteen forty three when he was sent to a new ship the USS Lipscomb on Bay and it was struck by Japanese torpedo in the Pacific so he ended up packing me when he was a real hero. And even to you know Kashif guns are. I would imagine pretty intricate in for him to GIS would pick it up and shoot down and should not play how all to start shooting the machine. That's really here but also for the chin. Oh yeah this is a picture of him and shot ought to my mom. She said she lived an actually. That's his name stood out because I was like. I wonder if my mom lives in an apartment complex called during called Dorie Miller Miller in corona queens and I you know so. That's him and I believe every cash. She said it was named after him. I didn't even know that. But that's when I when I seen his name. I wondered if it was any connection. My Mom said the Dory Mellow with the first breath. INTERRACIAL CO OPS in New York City. So that was great. The nuisance strange history. While she's my mom is actually the head of they made right. Mom they made the Dory Miller like a historic like building and my mom is like the head of the committee and she was on on the news Discussing your mother. Yeah we'll use this last year. They can we know this. I Dunno now news was this. It was kind in New York like on Channel One or something mom where was. When did you do this? So yes so shout out outdoor Miller one of our unsung heroes. I will put him in the he was really a hero. National Hero War veteran Having my wife yeah like true like courage like he was in there making you know hamburgers and he decided to do it. Nobody told him to do a run out there with the gunfire right here. Yeah four planes. You know it's it's really amazing. So shout out to him. Dorie Miller you guys go look him up. If you haven't okay in other news you guys know. It's a feel Good Friday. I like to do feel good news along with regular news but I'm GonNa do the regular news really quickly the. US jobs report is actually making history. They are going to for the first time ever. They're going to make same sex couples while I'm sorry for the Bureau of Labor statistic. They are going to include same sex couples apples in its count of married workers in the US economy which is really great. we'll previously categories tracking marital status status only included people in heterosexual marriages that mythology changed on. which will be indicated in footnotes at Mark's in incremental minds this milestone for the LGBTQ community which has pushed to be recognized in official government statistics? the change will not impact top line job report numbers burs but rather only a few categories in underlying statistical tables economists expect the report to show. US employers added a hundred sixty see thousand jobs in the employment rate remains at three point. Five percent check in January So and also this year the twenty twenty seven says will will change its questionnaire to include. SAME SEX HUSBAND WIFE SPOUSE IN SAME-SEX UNMARRIED partner the same Maryknoll renewed unmarried options will exist for opposite sex couples with the hope that more specific categories will decrease the room for error when people accidentally checking the wrong bar goes. This is good because you know. That's cool I you know. I love about oil quick Greg City well love about all of this is the fact that you know for the gay remarriage You know from New York City. Ultra Democrat as ultra-liberal. You're right you're like a philosophy philosophies are right on time with the millennials even though you call us crazy well. I'm for gay marriage. Because when when they couples break up the impose needs to pay child support. I don't care about the kids out other dildos and all that if you enter relationship and you and you break relationship if you WanNa be married you have to follow lowliest same rules that the rest of us so I advocate for them. You know who what sexual prevot has anything which was the workplace or the way you live your the person that you love the peanuts you loaded with. This has nothing to do with anything correct so now to have this In our society now is good. Look like there should be included. They're working couples. Working couples in the gay marriage is legal in all states. Got Maybe my research that I think I think they should have. I don't think it's not a federal level right. It's an odd. That's why this is the average just at the federal level everybody can get married and this some folks against it. Of course yeah business. You know saying you. You're not going to figure out anything anything with the gay marriage. So what do you like. What does it matter to you for? Great he's also while Brian decides sites not everybody believes in the Bible. So we'll we'll use. The Bible says not cool. I don't know these a lot of stories from three thousand thousand years ago the fight we might be we might only get them. Hey might need the fact. Check debt by Vicki give me riled up I have my own prey to show Harvey Morning Show Sydney Ball. Hello yes good money on your phone. Good who's this actually okay. I'll hey melvin wagner good okay. What was that.

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