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Even in the first season. We can see it. We know. What's there is this a team that right now is trying to figure out who Thompson is going to be who middle stat is going to be who knee land or is going to be a team that's in reflection about players like that it's reflection. But it's also just you're looking. Them as that's the key for the for the future of the Buffalo Sabres and to me that term that's most important. It's just development everyone talks about our young players. They talk about you talk about teach Thompson rasps Darlene Casey middle stat Alex lender. But Jack Eichel Sam Reinhart restaurants were Selena and they're still young. They've been in the league now for few years, but it's imperative that they continue their developed. I thought Sam Reinhart had an outstanding season. You know, you look at it from the start of the season going through a contract negotiations and training camp. He really took control of that situation and got himself back into training camp and became a strong leader for us Jack Eichel. We gave him the at the start of the year. He took that responsibility extremely serious. And is the perfect captain. He's working at those type of things, but he took a real step in his two game this year and being the leader of a group move forward here. So to me the key for this team. It's still the core learning how to. To win. I think it was great for us to have the ten game win streak. Just so they could feel that they can do it as a group. I think before that recognition hadn't won something like three or four games and four or five years proved they know what it takes. But it's still finding out young players finding how difficult it is to be consistent in this league. Especially how to win games in the second half. This predates you, but this will be the fifth coach since February of two thousand thirteen where Lindy Ruff was fired. And we've seen guys who have not been head coaches before we've seen guys with a lot of experience. What are you looking for? Well, I think it's we're open to to anything. And you you look at different things. I think it's certainly looking for someone who has command of the room that presence in the room as I talked about before we have skill. We need to continue to Britain develop that within our organization brings some more in. But we wanna play fast up tempo style. We want to get it offense up in the play. It's that's where Rasmi. Dulling really helped group this year. But it's still as much as we wanna play that offense the game. It's having a little more structure defensively and titan in I think that's a big area where we can have improvement there. So as a group right now, it's a we have to get an experienced guide or not no we weren't looking at someone who has a communicated ability has it accountability has that presence. And that's why we're sort of going to be looking at all different options. It sounds like it's almost like a guy who's can walk that fine line of players wanna play for them. But he's also going to grind them. Is that a fair way to put it? Well, I think that's a fair way for most successful coaches right there. It's always a fine line of making sure that you have their Latian ship with the players you have that dialogue with them. But there's also that ability you get the most out of them you drive. They know that you're the one in charge. You're responsible for the for the organization getting the players to play at the top level. Do you wanna address Todd McLellan? It's a situation where Todd's has amazing career has had a lot of success, and certainly..

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