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Arena Madison Square Garden, you should be doing somersaults. You should be doing jumping jacks. You should be feeling. Not only. Good great that your name is even being mentioned. And there's a lot of legitimate sources and insiders that are saying. Yeah. Haiti could be going to the Knicks now, your heart. They get ripped out. If he doesn't go there. But there's a chance so onsides feel good feel great longer. Feel stellar built since ational. Unbelievable. Whatever you've done last one the NFL dot, by the way. The NFL draft is only seventy five days away. And it's never too early to talk about prospective rookie quarterback's Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and current Heisman Trophy winner. Keller Murray announced this week that he'll participant unco combine. Yes. Lenox prospects headed crazy season under Lincoln Riley and his baseball features truly endow. Larry Murray led all quarterbacks in this year's draft in rushing yards in forty two touchdowns. Just seven interception. So Zach onside offside colored Murray should be the first quarterback selected be a around me. Could be a cop out. It's all sides. How can I say that this guy should be the first quarterback selected when I still don't know if he's going to be playing baseball or football. Now, if I had to take an educated guess, and as they would say in science class in eight grade and formulate a hypothesis I would say I puff asus. I would say that. Most likely Cuyler Murray to the disgust of his agent and Scott Boris after Scott Boras told everyone, and we'll make him look like a Scott Boras that oh he was going to stick with baseball. There's nothing we can do about it. Well, now, it looks like he's going to pick football. But since I don't know that one hundred percents certainty. I can't say he should be the top quarterback off the board. Right now, probably the top quarterback off the board. Haskins which Stephen a Smith thinks he's a runner when fifty touchdown passes and Stephen three Manet can't just amid he's wrong. But when you're wrong, you're wrong. You're wrong little note to the media. So the question is should Cuyler Murray. Be the number one QB taken off sides because I don't think football. So there you go. I think. But I'm not one hundred percent clear on that. Why would you go to the common? Maybe he just wanted to experience. Maybe that's what it is. We know he's playing football. I think he's playing from what we know. He's playing football. Do you think you'll be the first quarterback taken off the ball? I don't I don't either twin Haskins, right? Yeah. Twitter base leaning, and that's where I guess I will lean as well. Giants. Draft order. I'll tell you what the speculation around. Here is going to go crazy if Dwayne Haskins combine the there's going to be nonstop talk of doing Haskins coming here, which I think is the dumbest thing in sports. Maybe the combine. Darius Hayward bay runs a quick forty up top ten draft pick..

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