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Traffic controllers went on a nationwide strike they have four foot. Of their jobs and will be terminated the big hit on television hi I'm Patrick Duffy. From TV's Dallas, on CBS Dallas was, in, summer reruns And. The big summer blockbuster John Harrison Ford in raiders of the. Lost, art On the radio the Lionel Richie. Diana Ross duet endless love was number one what you're was it Nineteen fifty one nine hundred eighty. Two or nineteen. Eighty-three Frank all three choices eighty one eighty two eighty three tried. Any one Michael eighty two eighty three That leaves. You in nineteen eighty three Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers Dallas is the TV hit, raiders of the lost ark in theaters and Diana Ross Lionel Ritchie find success together the year nineteen Eighty-one congratulations Frankie and a four pack. Of tickets to the Texas trophy hunters, extravaganza. This weekend at the Freeman Freeman. Coliseum that was driving me? Crazy, movie does that tell you then God it endless thing Anyway you got. A four, pack, of tickets to the Texas trophy hunters extravaganza this weekend at the Freeman Coliseum exhibit hall charity what else going on for mayor Bloomberg says he is one hundred percent certain that if. Those three firefighter charter proposals make it onto the ballot they will be defeated and north west side woman got a shock, when she answered a knock. At her apartment door this morning Sal San voters overwhelmingly. Rejected proposed property tax. Increase and how one local school district is going the extra, two, miles, to make the. Classroom safer, more coming up at six o'clock w away I news. Time five fifty now traffic and weather together from the way I traffic center grabbed it all up our accident our construction all. Picked up so we're gonna have a much different morning than yesterday see something. Going on let us know.

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