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Still she did occasionally post about other stresses in her life. Both the watts young daughters like Shannon experience chronic health issues they suffered from asthma allergies ear infections and respiratory infections. Cc reportedly has surgery on her esophagus to correct a medical issue. That caused breathing problems. The medical bills accumulated as a couple brought the girls to various specialists as a debt piled up once again. Another monthly bill was added to their expenses in two thousand seventeen that year three year old. Bella began attending a private preschool around the same time. Shinhan reportedly underwent surgery to repair a degenerative disk in her neck. An old friend Christina. Meacham came to live with the family for two months during Shannon's recovery while staying with them. Pristina noticed that the family lived beyond their means. Shinhan seemed anxious about money and worried about buying enough food while Christina was there but even with these worries Christina thought that Shannon Chris had agreed marriage she later described it as model relationship. She wasn't the only one Shannon's father Franklin said that he never saw any problems between the couple. They were great parents. The seemed happy. Shinhan thought so too Shinhan trained. Her phone's camera across the room until she landed on Chris. Playing with the kids. She couldn't help but smile. She had to admit sometimes when she asked him to appear on camera he seems stiff and uncomfortable. She wished he could just relax but it was different when he was playing with the girls. She didn't have to tell him to act natural he was just himself? They loved him so much. They were lucky to have him. Shinhan kept the camera running. She wanted to revel in every moment of their joy whatever their struggles they were a family. They were in this together. Nothing could ever change that by the end of two thousand seventeen. Shinhan Chris had been married for more than five years thirty two year old. Shannon told friends they were just as in love as ever. She never suspected that thirty one year old Chris felt any differently but in just a few short months. Everything would change. Chris was pulling away from San. He taken an interest in another woman coming up. We'll talk about the love affair. That torpedoed Chris and Shannon's marriage now back to the story. My the late spring of two thousand eighteen thirty-three-year-old. Chris and thirty four year old. Shannon wants had been married for about five and a half years. They had two little girls. Bello was four CECE was about to turn three. But perhaps they didn't feel their family was complete yet at the end of May. Shinhan revealed that she was pregnant for the third time she posted a video online in which she surprised Chris with the news. Chris grinned when he heard but some viewers later noted that he didn't seem overjoyed when he saw the pregnancy test. He said mildly. I guess when you want to it happens. It may be that Chris's mind was already on something else. Someone else early that Summer Chris had gotten to know a new woman at his work. Thirty year. Old Nicole Kissinger Nicole and Chris didn't cross. Pats very often most of the time. He did onsite work at oil wells while she worked in the company's main office but one day in May of two thousand eighteen. Chris went to the office to retrieve some equipment. He ran into Nicole and they had a long conversation from then on. They got into the habit of chatting each morning when Chris. Stop by the office before leaving for the oil wells. Nicole said that when she first met Chris he wasn't wearing a wedding ring. Chris later said he was getting it re sized since he had recently lost weight. But Chris didn't mention to Nicole that he was married either not at first when he finally did bring up Shinhan he said they were in a bad place and on the verge of separating. Nicole believed him in late June. Chris asked Nicole if she wanted to see him. Outside of work the agreed to meet for a walk in a park near Nicole's home. Chris was normally quiet and introverted but he felt comfortable around Nicole. She was easy to talk to and they shared a lot of interests like cars and physical fitness festival. He never had to walk on eggshells or worry about making her angry. Nicole thought he seemed sweet and kind. If he wasn't still married he'd be perfect. Meanwhile Shinhan noticed that. Chris seemed eager to spend more time at work on June twentieth. She told a friend that Chris had missed her first sonogram appointment but she might have been too excited about the baby to read anything into it. Shannon was also planning for an upcoming trip. She decided to take an extended summer vacation to see her family and Chris is in North Carolina. She and the kids were going to be gone for six weeks. Since Chris had to work he would remain home in Colorado for most of the excursion he planned the join them for their last week of vacation on June twenty seven Shanon Bella and CC. Flew East North Carolina. Chris was on his own and he was ready to take advantage of it. You went to visit Nicole at her house in the two had sex. Nicole leader said that she felt bad about dating a man before his divorce was complete. She claimed that she even encouraged him to give his marriage another. Try but Chris said that he wasn't interested in that and suddenly. He began opening up to Nicole about his marriage. He told Nicole that everything seemed good on the surface. He and Shannon rarely fought throughout the relationship. He'd mostly gone along with whatever Shannon wanted but apparently he'd been holding onto some resentments he'd been burying his emotions and keeping up a faux happy front but in front of Nicole. He let out his true feelings. Chris said that the perfect life and an presented on social media was just a facade that she was too bossy and controlling that she didn't actually care about him or his interest but only cared about appearances. The she destroyed their finances with her. Need to have a big house full of expensive things. She wanted people to think they had it. All he didn't want any of it. He shared grievance after grievance from Chris's Rantings. It was clear that his marriage was unsalvageable. So Nicole kept seeing him. Chris's complaints about Shannon are in line with the way. Many cheaters rationalized their infidelity researcher. Benjamin warrick conducted a study at Adelphi University seeking to understand how people see themselves after cheating on their spouses. He found that adulterous blame their spouses more often than they blame themselves and they underestimated the emotional impact of their infidelity. Chris had been stewing in his own repressed emotions for so long he may have seen himself as the true victim when he cheated on. Shinhan at the time he certainly didn't show any signs of wanting to call off the affair on July fourth. Chris invited Nicole over to the house. Nicole later said she didn't feel very comfortable there on the walls she saw pictures of. Shannon and the kids. Nicole suddenly felt like she was intruding on someone else's life but Chris insisted that his marriage was done so she again believed him. After Nicole hung out with Chris at his house day they went to a baseball game together over the next two weeks while the rest of the family was in North Carolina Chris. Nicole met for movie dates talked on the phone and traveled to boulder together to visit the Shelby Mustang Museum all the while Chris was having regular facetime chats with Shannon and the girls. They seem to be enjoying their trip at first. They plan to spend each weekday with Shannon's family and weekends with Chris. They were initially happy with this arrangement but in the second week own. Tensions with Chris's family reignited around July eight. Shinhan watched Bella. Nc as they played with their cousins outside Chris's Parents House then they all disappeared into the house. Shinhan followed them into the kitchen. Where she claimed Chris's mother was giving the children ice cream which contain nuts. Cindy later said the ice cream did not contain any nuts but had been made in a factory where cross contamination might occur regardless. Shinhan explained to Chris's family that the girls had a deadly tree nut allergy and asked them to put the ice cream away. Chris's family reacted with hostility. They apparently thought. Shannon was overreacting or exaggerating. The girls' Allergies Shannon. Insisted that Bella. Mcc couldn't be in the same house as any nut. Products Cindy countered that. It was unfair to deny the rest of the family. The treat even if the girls were allergic. It turned into a heated argument..

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