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The coast to Santa Barbara one person is still missing and presumed dead in the meantime correspondent Jim reports the work has begun to find a cost yes yes B. has arrived in until all the bodies are recovered and its own investigators can get at the wreckage board member Jennifer how many says they'll interview surviving crew members the companies involved and first responders she says they plan on being on site seven to ten days and while they will not make it because the termination while here they will provide daily briefings on what they have found and assures everyone I am one hundred percent confident that our investigators will determine the cause of this fire why it occurred how it occurred and what is needed to prevent it from happening again I could take up to two years Jim rope Santa Barbara transportation leaders will vote today on whether to eliminate toll takers at bridges around the bay area the Golden Gate Bridge has been all electronic for years as you know today the metropolitan transportation committee will vote on the contract to convert all the state on bridges to all electronic toll plazas transportation leaders say it'll save five minutes off the average commute and cut down on the accidents at the toll plazas they hope to make the change next year the bay bridge would be the last one to go all electronic the trump administration is moving ahead on plans to divert military funds for construction of his border wall correspondent Linda canyon has the story defense secretary Marquess for has begun by notifying congressional leaders and other members of Congress who states will be impacted by the redirection of some three point six billion dollars in military construction funds the money will be used to build one hundred seventy five miles of border wall Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer calls reprogramming this money a slap in the face to members of the military house speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement that reads canceling military construction projects at home and abroad will undermine our national security and the quality of life and more all of our troops making America less secure. Linda Kenya and Washington Terry arousal of teacher mid morning commute in just a moment I KGO a girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams.

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