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Hemmed does jalili keith. And the girl and isn't another hard one to be honest. No it's not jessica michelle singleton. Hello ladies a gentle good sewer crack up on her name. People miss my name up to you. They just would other really white girl names in the middle just nicole. Hi hi everyone well. Of course Him does on the keith girl. Podcast and is is the girl on the podcast because for legendarily difficult pronounce name which is not that out at all and we discussed before the show and i feel more comfortable than ever saying it and she is our current champion returning to this show after winning last week yet. Completely ridiculous and you should check on your games because rigged. Somehow that should never have happened. But it's so good to be here again. well. I feel the same way about when i want. I was like well. This should not have been. Well that's what i was about to say. It's a real grudge match today because also joining us Is jessica michelle singleton. And she won on up soda few weeks back about a month back and So i haven't figured out exactly how that works yet. So i invited come back a few episodes later and so here we are with what's turned out to be a real Will mono a will mono situation because Ah do that was going to be the third guest on the show today has for whatever reasons hopefully nothing terrible. A not not reached out yet. That's okay because now this is their higher. And it's a champion of jessica's a champion. I'm a champion now like this is. It has become a bracket situation now. We're really going to settle this thing. And he was just gonna get in the way. But that being said he's sweetheart and the love having him on the show. So if in. When if bobby moynihan does show up we will allow him to participate in the proceedings but It's starting to feel you might not at all and through no fault of his own. I'm sure sure something came up. Or he forgot because also discussing before we rotate today It's just it's okay for people to forget things during these times where time last four months. Yeah i just see you all the time note with no pants on like how do you do this. Why why is this happening But no i don't see you but that's because we're doing we're doing the right thing and everybody's staying apart. Isn't it funny though when you do a comedy show socially distance the there's other comedians. It just will. They don't care. Oh it's disgusting. I had one. I did the rose bowl on friday and the backstage was like just a couple of people acting like slobs. I was like not

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