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Still here. He'd be doing the same thing. Um, you got a fresh start with With new guys and a new team, and he's a great person that could fit in anywhere. So you just Extremely happy for him and the success you having and I hope you continue because it's amazing. Do you feel like the vibe in your clubhouse is still good, Positive or are guys you know, like in the last two years, then the pandemic it, of course, but everyone's like this is the last dance. Okay, That's the last day. This truly is because everybody is out of contract. Do you feel like there's any extra added stress in the room or no guys are just doing their job. Mhm. Guys desert coming in where we keep it as loose as we can. I'm mean I think honestly up to this point. We've been a pretty Pretty good team and pretty fun team to watch as far as playing with energy. Um Guys showing their their true colors out there having fun. Um, but as far as Extra pressure and stuff. I just think that So this is what we're we have, and it's a new position for a lot of us, and I think with all of our experience, we just lean on it, and we continue to Just may not have routinely not each other and just continue to play. Hey, man, We're going to be up there in a sky box today and, uh, No, You're not going to be able to play. But we will be there watching hope the Cubs find a way to win a baseball game today. Up. We need it. All right. Have a good day. Thank you. See you. There he is. Anthony Rizzo brought to you by Chicago and Toyota dealers. Dear Driver, hurry in and save Toyota. And Valparaiso University. Got a little very interesting statement that was just released. You're going to hear it. What is wrong with Jonathan Taves? He will.

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