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I have a lot of work to do as governor i want to get the budget cast i want to get through this legislative session the campaign will be long enough as it is i wanna stay firmly focused on my job genus forgotten about us she's off raising millions from millionaires and billionaires all across the country you know what is someone from chicago california taxes while wanna have to do with rhode island and that's why i'm running i think i'd rather have both my legs broken to help gina raimondo that's how much i think she's a terrible governor i think if she was competent she would have the numbers to report to the federal government officer politician this spent successful and five kids twins i will give you anything and everything i just think that there's really growing energy and eagerness within the democratic party for exactly these kinds of changes that i'm talking about are around three busy day here on the show busy busy day we had allan fung in studio for an hour we had patricia morgan in studio for an hour and i wanted him to come in studio for an hour all three republican candidates for governor are on the program today but i i believe he's in transit giovanni morosi joins me on the line he is on the phone good morning sure i think you know you have a reporter at the providence journal her name's amanda milka vets who has spent a year and a half trying to get me not to run for governor and get out of the race why would she want creates because she hates donald trump she he's intent on not having republican businessmen i'll be in the office for me i'm sure it's personal at this point because i caught her in told people that more importantly she's creating these fake headlines and they're actually factually incorrect and so that is what i'll firefight right now what was authorized the.

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