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Sample of their dry shampoo with your purchase. Okay. So that was kind of the layout of Natasha in Marcus Marcus's relationship. But let's refresh where we are now in the investigation, Marcus is in custody. Same. He has been murdered stabbed multiple times in the police are in the throes of kind of the preliminary investigation phase and they're trying to wrap their heads around kind of this tangled web of relationships that Marcus has created an entangled himself in so they know Marcus has a girlfriend, named tasha, you know, that he is a baby with Sammy, and she's the focus of this investigation. And of course, they want to speak with Natasha because they wanna just know they want to gather all the information, the Ken. But it's becoming clear that Marcus is kind of dating several several women at once and they know that they have a lot to deconstruct yet. And as the interrogation is going on a woman walks in the walks into the riceville borough police department and her name is Lacey sour, and she says, you know what I was dating Marcus? Okay. Now that one. I am dating my. And you know what I'm pregnant with his child. But that's not all. She says that you know what? Marcus sent me a text message on April eighteenth which said simply. Quote, I'm going to kill someone. So obviously the next thing in the cops do they're pulling up his text records, seeking the April eighteenth is a is a day before Sammy's. Martyrdom murderer. Yeah, exactly. So obviously what they find is going to be disturbing. And they I found these normal tax conversations between him and Natasha, they're talking about dinner plans or talking about classes, and in between that they find some tax about them conspiring to kill more than one person and the first exchange that they find out Marcus was asking tasha about incapacitating someone with demerara, which is a pain medication in addition to chloroform. And then over the course of the next few months, they were conspiring to kill not only Sammy, but her boyfriend James Horne. So those aren't the only two people that he is talking about killing they're also talking about killing lacy sour the. Current girlfriend current other girlfriends. Okay. So he's he wants to kill Sami. He wants to James horn, and he wants to lazy. Okay. I they were, there were small Denny tax that I was just like shocked that I mean, people make those little comments like, oh, I wanna kill him. And you're just like okay, 'cause it's not most of the time, it's not serious. But then when it's a whole conversation with plans. It is definitely not feeling like why was why did that never kick in, like, hey, this is wrong. We're not actually going to do this, or, and then also just kinda from the other side of things devil's advocate like it was just very obvious to leave that tax trail. So batches struck me odd q, that's like the easiest way to get yourself in trouble. When you're planning all this horrible stuff that it just seemed really disgusting. But also like kind of stupid at the same time, like not well-thought-out, not at all the person that I knew to be Natasha. And like I said, we grew we kind of grew apart. They've last couple of years in high school, just maybe back and forth between where I lived then and my hometown. But was not at all. Then trash, I knew that wasn't something that I could ever. Even Sodom her saying in seriousness, or, and just getting sucked into this. I really was shocked and almost in disbelief, but she would be involved in that not just. Like by chance, but kind of willingly and wantonly. So the first plan that Natasha, Marcus seemed to have put any real thought into was this conspiracy to kill Sammy's boyfriend James Horne so per the tax. It seemed that Natasha originally, devised a plan to follow James home from the local bowling alley, and kill him though. The plan never came to fruition police said that in preparation to carry out the plan Marcus bought bleach cable ties a lock and a baseball bat at a local, WalMart. So, again, buying them, all at the same time from the same store, only by a bad on your way to, like the practically baseball in their CCTV, catching you to do it only by. He probably or, or look around your house. You should have far from your mom for the love to give anybody ideas by. After picking up the supplies, he expresses his anger, with Sammy, and asks, can we do this thing soon? Let's go and talk to tells Marcus that she's fine with that. But told him to figure out same as work schedule in order for us to start somewhere. She wants a starting place for this, too. Oh, how are we going to kick this thing off? So Marcus sends Natasha a text. Which says, I don't know who to do. I actually says ID k who to do first Lacey or Sammy. And in the message back Natasha writes back that she knows that Marcus wants to kill Sami more than Lacey. But that Natasha herself wants to kill lacy more than Sammy. So this is your sort of typical lover spat when it comes to psychopathic lovers. So texting the they, she says to him, I d b k so I don't know, because I'll do this for you. Yes, I don't know because you need me. They're like for the other half with the car. So she's kind of laying it over him. Gary. Don't do it without me. And so can starting continue with the conversation. Natasha tells Barca's. That she doesn't want it to do it on on by himself. She wants to be there. And the police are going to see them talking about the murder, and their tax messages, which they really should have talked about beforehand. Don't talk about that in the text messages. Don't talk. Don't talk about how police are going to talk about fight club. So she continues on insistent, the whole thing is going to take really, really careful planning and to avoid getting caught. She warned him that, you know, you're going to be the prime suspect. So we really need to be careful with all of this. So let's contest they're talking now. Now text. That's just insane. Real. So two days later at twelve fifty in the morning. Their tax are continuing Marcus texted Natasha to say that Sami was at his house, and he asked should I do it. Now. Natasha replied that she didn't know Mark Azan told Natasha that he can quote can do it now and leave from the basement and put her car in the carpool spot. Natasha said she didn't want him to do it alone. And in a series of falling messages, she repeatedly asked Marcus to wait for her in warned that he would be caught. It's just so weird to beg somebody to want to be involved in a murder. Like I want to do this. Don't you without they don't go to this cool new bar without me. It's like I can't wait till we get to the point of this discussion where we get into the minds of these people because it's like they totally lost sight of reality. It's odd. It's very so then at one twenty five in the morning. Marcus sends a tax saying, I'm sorry. I can't I'm going to do it soon. And Amen later police say that he called a tasha and told her to come to his house. So. All in all the police found more than fifteen thousand texts between tasha and Marcus discussing the planning of these murders over the course of months, then surprisingly after this Marcus is already in custody. Natasha was arrested and charged for the part. She played in San me's murder, too. A second arrest is made in the death of a twenty one year old York county, mother and the details are disturbing. And this is the home where Samantha Young's body was found. It's boarded up now her ex boyfriend lived here. He was arrested shortly after her death in April. But now believes her saying this case involves several other people three people who could have also been killed, and one other who police say helped plan Young's debt, six pages is on the longer side for charging documents. But that's how much needs to be explained about the second arrest and this Amanda, young barter, the twenty one year old's body was found locked in a shed at her ex boyfriend's home in writes, fill in April. Marcus borderline was arrested. The two had a one year old daughter together. Now, Natasha's Stover also from York county is locked up charged with attempted homicide and conspiracy. Police paperwork, outlines text messages between Stover and board. Awin spanning four months outlining the pairs plans to kill three people. James Horne was first. He was young new boyfriend. Police had the payer stake, down his routines Boardman, even bought bleach cable ties a lock and baseball bat. According to police text messages retrieved on the phones include quote, I just want this guy gone. I want her to feel how miserable I was when all of this happened, but then the plant shifted young police say stove was not at home when he killed young but did buy supplies to clean up blood and help move her car a woman at stover's home. Did not want to speak with us. A third almost victim lacy sour did speak to us online. Documents say Boorda win and Stover also talked about killing her. She was Boorda wins current girlfriend who is now pregnant, it's all just really tragic, and scary tonight. Now, both Stover and Boardman are in New York county prison. You know you're an adult when you're spending your entire weekend looking for. New comforter online. 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