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The writer sarah miller is at the editor's desk i'm susan richer i'm bloomberg's larry housekeepers the closing bell on i narrowly lower day for the stock market the dow giving back thirty five points the nasdaq lost thirty news liu's views term jan wins you'll give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the word john 55 degrees mostly sunny skies at four o'clock on on tuesday december nineteen 2017 i'm larry mullins and here's what's abri more cops and guns and dogs in equipment that you can take us dick edwards heckling us this holiday season after word for governor cuomo who says don't anybody freak out we have been threatened but new york wants to put the word out to anybody with gillan dan don't even try it mary bruce on the hill the house jaber erupted into christmas cheer about an hour ago as the house voted on a massive new tax package which now goes to the senate and then on to the president for his signature house democrats are called again and embarrassment the ialso coming the house are coming were today live the islanders of one there'll be a three ground on a new arena in belmont blog putting them back on long island after skating a rookie for the last couple of years we'll have details on that end abc's no special sauce in all be maddies' black mcdonald's says its new make vegan berger will definitely hit the spot and no it doesn't come with regular fries on a large softdrink zenbei winds family are afternoon news begins right now breezy and mild with a mix of sun and clouds a day a high of 56 degrees and in sports giovinco uqaab limit show keno auriemma approach is a milestone career win 1000 look to the get it tonight rangers duct gate in the garden the islanders home to detroit chris his arm full all want let's get his dotted apple the dodge traffic center here is garin stewart here is what we need to know about the bridges and tunnels if you're travelling into this uw brigitte's 10 minutes inbound provoke levels forty five to fifty five outbound prebble levels delays on the.

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