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I think the one thing that maybe you feel kind of good about if you're the packers is, you know, they played a lot of bigger personnel in this game. They obviously found something in the run game. To, you know, maybe that regulates your offense soon extent and you can kind of just have more of a, I don't know, just a steady movement of the ball as opposed to the complete lack of movement of the ball that you've had for the past couple of weeks. You know it was interesting. I noticed it with Rogers. It was super obvious, obviously, with Tom Brady on Thursday, which is that that whole and maybe it's maybe this is just life into high shell at this point, but it's like the quick game has become even more so where it's just like, you know, where are they going to run it or as soon as I snap it, I'm just going to look to my left and just fire it at the slot receiver and see what he can do with it. And we saw Rogers kind of go to that. We saw a Brady go to it an awful lot. We saw a couple kind of flailing quarterbacks this week really try to work the quick game like that. And you know, nothing's perfect right now. I think it's very cool that we're in a defensive counter revolution right now, which is what we're seeing. But it certainly causing some headaches, and that's what we saw at Green Bay today. Well, and we did, we saw some more offense this week. And we'll obviously get into that as we cover the rest of the Sunday games, but. You keep on watching the packers, and we've talked about this and it's kind of like, I don't know if there's a solution in 2022. I think maybe beyond 2022, but we had talked a little bit on our trade deadline discussion on the mid week show last week, do you just sort of get that big play guy and now you just have someone who every once in a while, you can just chuck it 40 yards and I'll do something with it. That might be Christian Watson if they don't make a move, but Christian Watson gets hurt on his first touch in this game and there's just really no margin for error as far as his passing game goes because there's just, boy, there's just a lack of comfort with any of these targets here. Does it make sense at any point at what? I would guess 5 38. They had the packers at like a 25% shot to make the playoffs. You lose this game, you're probably down to like 15, 17% chance to make the playoffs. Does it make sense to spend draft equity at this point? I still think it does. I'm a fan of unless you're Dave gettleman doing it with Leonard Williams. I'm a fan of buying early at the trade deadline and kind of cutting the line on everything and you get half a season with the guy and then he's ready to roll for the next year. And sometimes you get you end up getting guys like that a little bit cheaper just because of how it all works out. But I still think they spend, I think they should spend draft capital. I think teams will be interested enough in some of their picks and think they might be kind of high, that they might be a little bit more valuable. I still go out and get someone. I think if the deadline, because what are you going to lose? No, I agree with you in a 100%.

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