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New York Times, Italy, Puerto Rico discussed on The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes


Member wanted to school. Bring his podcast. We've got the inspirational David Bach in the house. Mom, man, buddy club side. We skew we just man person with a two weeks or three weeks ago three weeks ago and Puerto Rico or go that was a very cool place, by the way to me of mazing place to meet I've heard your name for many years you've written how many nine ten New York Times bestselling books back to back to back. You've been in the New York Times bestseller list for forty fifty sixty weeks. I don't know something you've been on Oprah six times today show hundred times you've been on every other media L that there is. So I've heard about you have senior work the automatic millionaires. Something that a lot of people talk about in the money finance space. So you here now, and I'm here now in by the way because I'm a fan of yours. Still like, it's a mutual love best. You're like I've watched all of this by the way, it's as cool as you would imagine it is I'm so it's really need to be here in LA decided West Hollywood where this all happens. It's pretty pretty special quality, you're living Florence now in Italy. Going to you. I'm going to leave after July twenty second and go live in Florence Italy for here, which is going to come over to Italy. I'm gonna come and visit I'm gonna tell visit. And you've got this new book out you've written a number of books. She's got a new book out called the lotto factor, and why you don't have to be rich to live ridge. Now, we were just talking before this started. And you were saying that there's you've got some controversial things that you do with money that other influencers thought leaders do differently. For example, you said that there's two things that everyone needs to be doing a young age. If you want to generate more wealth completely two things are investing in stocks and real estate is that right? Yeah. It's the two primary escalators to wealth escalators where you can grow your money, your investment and your money can work for you as opposed to sitting in the Bank completely. It's like the game of monopoly. I was just literally explain this to my kids yesterday. I said, you know, when you on the game monopoly, you go Pasco, and you get a paycheck. And if you just go around the properties. And you land on them you pay rent. Right. And you can't win the game monopoly unless you buy one green home than to green homes three agree nouns, and then a hotel, right? Like, you have to be an owner in the game monopoly. The ironic thing is that the game monopoly's a great lesson for all for life. You have to own assets that make you money while you sleep that grow while.

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New York Times, Italy, Puerto Rico discussed on The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

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