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You very much for being here for the 464 episode of the Hollywood reporters awards shatter podcast, which we are very happy to be recording here at the scad Savannah film festival. My name is Scott feinberg. I'm The Hollywood Reporter's executive editor of awards and the host of this podcast. We are thrilled to be working with the festival and very thrilled to have the guests who we have with us today. He is best known for the music he's made under the name Machine Gun Kelly, which includes four Billboard Top ten albums since 2012 debut studio album lace up 2015s general admission and two that hit number one, 2020s, tickets to my downfall, and 2022s mainstream sellout. The New York Times recently called him quote the jester prints of a new wave of pop punk close quote. But he has also racked up an impressive list of acting credits under his own name for directors, including Gina prince bythewood, Cameron Crowe, susanne beer, and Judd Apatow. The most recent of which and perhaps the most acclaimed of which is 2022s Taurus, a film in which he plays a self destructive rockstar, which had its world premiere at February's Berlin film festival, screened at April's Tribeca Film Festival, and will be screening here at the scad Savannah film festival, this evening. En route to being released and select theaters later this year. It has earned him at the age of just 32 this year's scouts of NFL festivals, discovery award. And is the beginning, I'm sure of many more great things. So would you please join me in welcoming to Savannah, mister Colson

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