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Charged with multiple felonies on Friday. Ken Kenyatta Wilson is accused of robbing me Chase Bank and refusing to pull over one police attempted a traffic stop. Wilson fled from police crashed his vehicle on U. S 23 a short time later and that caused the area to be closed for several hours. Wilson is charged with felonies, including bank robbery, fleeing police officers carrying a concealed weapon wearing body armor. And the commission of a violent crime, possession of ammunition by a felon and firearms possession. I fell in his wealth. The final phase of the cleanup of the toxic waste site will close the eastbound ramped of 6 96 at Cousins Cruiser begin removing the concrete barrier so they can complete the cleanup process of the green substance that began leaking onto the roadway in December of 2019. The source of the leak was a close business on 10 Mile Road above the freeway, where Cruz Removed the toxic chemical on treated over 350,000 gallons of water. We have day traffic a mother four times an hour. I'm Tim Cook on the Patriot. If I'm one of 1.5 and am 1400 Impact Mortgage Corp to be a cash call Mortgage animal aside, he went to a 231 equal housing letter. No license in all states, including New York. Copper Basin

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