A highlight from Sara Watkins Reimagines Childhood Music On Beautiful New Album


Found such comforting songs. I hadn't thought about it heard and years and so on. This addition of all considered a conversation with sara watkins about under the petrie. The family of musicians she brought along and we start the conversation by talking about the album's inspiration and wanted to find songs that were attached to my childhood and also songs that stayed with me for one reason or another over my lifetime. These are songs that have just popped up in my life or at times that i needed them and have served me over the years whether that's sentimental memories of a good time that i had or because the lyric deeper than than maybe i thought when i was a kid. What's what was the impetus to start this. Could you take us to the origin story of of this record. Well it started at the beginning of lockdown win. I was beginning to understand this need for a rhythm in the house and a routine of teen. Yeah and i started to understand. Oh maybe this is. Why people in when you watch johnson abby and they changed their clothes for dinner even though they're just with the same ten people but they wear nice clothes at dinner. Because you need something to signify that the time is changing and for me. That was often music. That would help differentiate between morning and nighttime i have a toddler. So there's a there's a nap in the middle of the day and so sometimes they could just feel like two days as one. It was nice to have this signifier and but also. I didn't really find the thing that i wanted. I wanted to find a record that had some rich beautiful songs on it. Selections that that meant something to me. And i couldn't really find it and i think that's why i decided to to make it for myself and so what was the first song that you did and when you did that song did you have in mind. Oh this is the beginning of my record. Or i kind of gathered this little handful of songs together for a little livestream did lulu from lady and the tramp. I did blue shadows on the trail. Second star to the right and maybe something else that didn't make the record. I probably did brahm's lullaby or something. And i thought. Oh what else would i do. What would the other songs. And then i started collecting pure imagination from willy. Wonka from willie. Yeah which. I was scared of as a child but but came to in my teens and of course stay awake. Which is something i meant to record on my first record and it didn't really fit and then it rounded out and i wrote a couple of myself i always do. It's funny you bring up the record thing. 'cause i always knew that i wanted it to be i designed for vinyl listening so when you imagine this record side a we'll call it side because we're going to have a in an aside be in your mind when you say record. That's what i assume. You mean what's to kick. What starts you off early on. I knew that pure imagination would be the first song because it legally sets the tone for the record. This is a different record for me. And i wanted that to be obvious to listeners when they put when they got it. I was surprised that it's you know. I feel like if i had done blue shadows on the trail or or tumbling tumbleweeds. People might be like. Oh okay that's not totally off brand. But i knew the pure imagination lyrically. It's set the tone. And musically begin some some instrument themes tonal themes that happened throughout the record and i thought it would be a good introduction. Let's hear a little of it i. I'll start right from the beginning side. The original version is so beautiful. We tried to pay tribute to two gene wilder version. I'm with you Annuals the his explanation to your daughter is how old.

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