Attendance Will Be Limited at the Epic v. Apple Case

Mac OS Ken


The epic epic via apple case goes a little over a month and by order of the judge. The court will not be packed. Macrumors says u s district judge yvonne gonzalez rogers will limit attendance due to the dreaded disease that said she still wants person trial not one. That goes zoom. According to the report she believes that the case is significant enough that the court should hear it in person. She has also said in the past that apple and epic games. Witnesses in the case will be less likely to lie when sworn in in physical courtroom. That said it won't be like past cases according to macrumors again at a games and apple will be limited to six people in the courtroom at a time and the press on the public will not be able to attend in person but live audio will be provided old testifying. Witnesses will be given a clear masks so the judge is able to clearly see responses and legal teams will be able to wear cordless microphones to make them easy to hear. Also lawyers for each side may be able to use rooms not in using the courthouse for meetings. That's not certain though so. She suggested they rent office. Space across the street in case they need at

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