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And the only thing about this league or is a fine that they let you down guys like me to play the game more. You know, someone's got to change because you know, at least not. And he's a big plays. Like I said last week, there's a big. What did Alex say when you guys need to say. Probably have to start one out to the ball, and I don't think he thought anything was wrong with. It wasn't like he was coming to my defense. But at the same time, you know, I think he's, I think he kind of sees where this thing's going. You just gotta go out to the ball now, let's difficult. Case, it wasn't clear the question. What Alex say, which means Alex Smith, the opposing quarterback on the plight on the NFL double down on the rule immediately tweeting that the call was correct. This is a foul for roughing the passer that offender lands with all or most of the defenders. Wait on the passer. It is ruled twelve section to article nine p. of course it is. So Rex Ryan is back with us here and look. We can sit here and yell about it. All that we know we can continue to point out that it was claim athletes, quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Who was the reason for the rule in the first place. He got knocked out for the season last year, but if you're coaching right now, what are you coaching your defensive players to do? Well, I think it's interesting that Alex Smith me have hit it on the head. I remember telling. I had a little nickel named drew Coleman. We're, we're playing the Steelers Ben Rothlisberger. I knew my guy couldn't tackle Ben Rothlisberger. So I told him to go for the football. And ironically ended up getting two sacks, forced two fumbles all that kind of stuff, but he couldn't knocked the big do down. That was why I said it, but I get it. It's because as soon as you attack the football quarterbacks. He's got to protect the football. So maybe that is there something to that, but what I think is what you're going to see the league Goto. Like if this is roughing the passer, then we gotta start blowing the whistle sooner and there is a way do you mean by sooner? Well, I mean when the quarterback starts kittens ridden back, right? You know, I think that's what you got to see like this play right here with Carson Wentz. Yep, they blew it dead. Okay. That protects the porter BAC you know, and it is it a sack? Yes. Maybe you get more sacks or whatever. So what we gotta do some okay, I get it. You got to protect the brand of the NFL. We got some of these young superstar quarterbacks. We want. We want to see them play every Sunday, so I get it, but start don't punish the defense. So star blowing the whistle sooner there is a play the week before with with Mike Daniels? Yep, against the Vikings. And I think we have it where literally he wraps up the quarterback and he does. He's doing everything he can. It gets through here and he's got a sack here. If you see it from the other view here comes okay, he gets him going back. He turns Lucy's afraid to tackle what man is this what we want. No. But as soon as he's in control of the guy, knocking guy back, maybe we blow the whistle, but that's as crazy that gets we don't want that either. So to me, do something these officials there, happiest Hector on those flags and and then tweet and all this stuff back out, we'll guess what? How 'bout you protect the quarterbacks and you start blowing. The whistle is a little. I'm with the, although I think that the solution to all of this was actually offered on social yesterday by fans of the Packers. I want to demonstrate exactly what the NFL's technique is that they want you to exercise here. Rex look, they want you to get to the quarterback. They want you to lift a quarterback up very gently. They want you to lay the quarterback down, but hold on, we're not done yet because we have to protect the head. Hold on a second..

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