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Playing god movie it is the marseillaise the french national anthem playing it for a number of reasons played for a minute guanaco great song by a nice word all right i'm playing it for a couple reasons you know what they are both san and happy eighty five year old holocaust survivor a woman who survived the nazis get gets stabbed to death in apartment burned to the ground by muslims and by the way she befriended these muslim she lived in the district since she's a little girl then it was taken over by emigrants mainly muslims she was a poor jew so she stayed there in her rent controlled apartment she knew these boys since they were children or she knew them since they were little kids and they did this the heredia way stabbed her when they became i guess drug addicted and set her apartment on fire so human tragedy of the worst kind and you have to ask yourself a number of questions which is what is god like tricks you know i don't have an answer to these questions that when i see things like this my faith is shaken to the core and i only go back to the one statement that i learned forty years ago which i put into god faith and reason which i do not believe that god is i'm nipping it i do not believe god controls every act of every leaf of every creek of every butterfly i believe god is omnipresent not omnipotent because of i believe god was omnipotent and god did these things on purpose i would cease to believe in god i would not worship god that would do a thing like that to that woman it's that simple that's how i am i'm not asking you to call and argue with me because you're not gonna change my belief system nor do i intend to change your belief system but it permits you to believe in a higher power it permits you to understand there's a higher power while not ex while not giving over all of your own self direction to a higher power you have to control your own life by.

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