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11 30 W. Milwaukee Police are investigating three shootings from overnight one person is dead and four others were wounded. The fatal shooting happened around a 35 year, eighth and lap. Um 2020 is the worst year on record for homicides in Milwaukee. So far, there have been 187 confirmed murders of five more cases still pending. Top Justice Department elections crimes prosecutor is resigning after the attorney general gave the okay to investigate claims of voting irregularities. Richard Pilger says the move by Attorney General Bill Bar went against four decades of DOJ policy not to investigate ballot fraud claims Before elections are certified bars memos has federal prosecutors could look into serious claims of voter fraud. Last night's Burlington School Board meeting went off the rails during a discussion of teaching lessons about black lives matter. In class parents and BLM protesters began yelling and screaming at each other. The Racine County Sheriff's office had to escort some people to their cars. When the meeting was over, some of the parents were upset that 1/4 grade teacher offered her students a lesson from BLM on racism and police. United Airlines is having 1400 flights around the Thanksgiving holiday. United says beer, wine and food are coming back eight months into the pandemic will be available on flights from Denver to eight destinations. Several health experts say that staying home is the best way to keep from getting or spreading the Corona virus. Checking those little hell sports scoreboard. Brewer's reliever Devon Williams is the National League Rookie of the Year. Williams allow just one earned run in 27 innings, striking out half the batters he faced all season..

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