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Just kind of sticking around on top of you right now it's seventy eight degrees in college parks seventy three in fairfax and seventy degrees along the national mall and coming up on w -t -o -p a bloody father's day in southeast dc leaves two dead and numerous wounded overnight i'm luke lucerd w t l b news time ten twenty concerned about the i r s plans to more intensely scrutinize the tax returns of high net worth people in businesses showman rogers tax lawyer nancy ort meyer kun shares advice about how to get out ahead of a potential audit advice that all taxpayers she says because people have been given this advance warning that the audits are going to crease it's worthwhile for them to go back and look at the last three years you know see if the positions taken on the tax returns are reasonable or if there are any very risky positions that were taken and if so they might want to think about amending a return if they amend a return before the i r s comes in the are penalties really non -existent i mean they can avoid penalties and the tax liability if they pay it front bell avoid interest in all sorts of problems learn more about showman rogers tax law services at showman rogers dot com p sarah i did it did what it's perfect what's perfect she got christin an engagement ring i knew dominion jewelers would be perfect yeah i learned so much and i was able to design it myself i told you dominion jewelers is where you design the ring that says i want to spend the rest of my life with you now i just need to figure out how i'm going to pop the question don't worry i can help with that too handcrafted custom -made jewelry dominion jewelers in the heart of falls church we make it beautiful you make course by appointment only

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