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Anything else that's on your mind stay close folks car compassion common says these guys have none of that you listen to them so you're know better i am awesome though they are gorgeous thornton go whether you're pumping gas lost your fancy football game and need to van about it or you want brag after a big win the place to do it is serious exam fantasy sports radio reaction 35 in fancy football can be heard right now on series 210 exum eighty seven and on the serious accent map that same siriusxm app a houses the mma jumped radio show along with much of the content that you here on the rush 93 channel so check it out download it it's one of the many ways that you can catch the show commercial free and in each equality all right so let's continue here with the recapping your see to sixteen i'm gonna give you guys just a couple of little bits of info from the card and then we'll go to the phone calls so now's the time to get into q eight six six five two two two eight four six uh ufc to sixteen two took place saturday night at the tmobile arena by the way kudos to the ufc for the tributes that they had uh in regards to the mass shooting that took place the week before um you know the moment of silence and many of the uh announcers and the fighters from the organization.

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