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So it was him to the ground. And then takes them downstairs hands them over to a cop in the street that was out front. Tell. So where does she come from. Lonely guy. I saw drinking Bari just I don't know where just pulled out the handcuffs. Let me ask you to watch the language Tom because we get on delay here and we get a problem if, but it's a well told story and thank you for sharing the detail. Just be careful with the language, Tom berringer's new film. Right? Right, right. That's okay. American dresser is in theaters and on demand, September twenty first. Now, did you get any of the of the crazy Charlie Sheen on the set of of major league or did you not have the crazy? No, no, no. He was very disciplined. He really, really wanted to do that. He loved baseball Sneed probably could've played for university of Michigan, I think. But instead just, you know, became an actor and. He just loved the game. And so he was very disciplined and wanting. I'm he had some friend who was like a trainer that was there and. And Steve Yeager said, Charlie, no weights. I don't want you lifting weights. He said, you know that it's just not good for pets, throwing Ron flying running for your life. He says, but no weights and. Coming up. We walk onto the Vader to go up and there's Charlie trainer. He's got two two dumbbells tan. Whatever he wants. Down at the dumbbells and goes, I. But he was he was very disciplined. You got crazy Charlie and platoon though. Right. Charlie was really, really quiet on that. Very quiet. I mean, you know, he's very funny, quite sense of humor. And one thing I remember was this have been near the very end of the shooting and I went down was room for some reason. The see him I went in there I go, Charlie, we're always boxes what I want to sell the stuff. He says, my mom Senate, it's like albums, you know, stereo, you know, speakers I go. What. Philippines, got sick. She goes, yeah. And I and I said, it's like that scene. You have with them or you had with a Willem where he says, what are you carrying it in that rucksack some books. Oh no, no, no. Get rid of this. Get rid of that eighty six. This that that that that throw stuff out of out of his rucksack into the jungle. And that was you can't travel like this. And when I saw again, he had it was for platoon. He had a gym bag. Is glove, his spikes about three shirts, change underwear, toothbrush razor. That's it. Tom Barrett, wow. New film American dresser in theaters on demand, September, twenty. First tell us about American dresser. Tell us what it is you're trying to accomplish with American dresser. It's it's a road movie. It's it's kind of, oh God, how I compared a little bit to book cast Sundance kid in in the sense that that kind of humor and they're always concert on the road moving those two and a little bit like Jack Nicholson. And in the last detail, you know, Randy quits that that kind of road humor. Are you sucking on a cough drop. No. Okay. Last question. Thank you, Tom. We appreciate your time. Thank you for being with us, sir. Take you. All right. Right. The man wants more money. Geir MO, you couldn't have been any less helpful during that hiding during that interview height, you spent the time hiding. I wanted to say to you, but I'm in a numbers chair. I wanted to say you can't reach the buttons that allow me to talk to you. Are you going to help me or are you just going to hide back there to distract you? We're trying not to make eye contact with me because you saw was drowning. You saw was drowning and you instead of helping me, you looked away like all the good life cards. Mike, what happened? What happened? What just happened? The last seven minutes of my life. Would you like to hear our original idea for the interview. Well, how about Stu gods saying like as if it weren't going bad enough, seven minutes in Stu got says, I'm going to ask whether it's worth to be kidnapped or on a giant rock..

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