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Not nearly as much scoring in the second half and not nearly as much scoring needed in the second half because the cowboys were up twenty seven seven at the break after scoring on five of their six drives in the first half including and this is what hurts the eagles a pair of TV's after fumbles by Dallas Goddard and Carson Wentz to start the game the eagles can't afford that you're in hostile territory in the divisional battle and you know it's going to be an up hill climb because of the depleted defense that you've got and yet you put your defense in the worst possible situation with turnovers on your first to drive it's after hours here on CBS sports radio Kevin Kugler with the calls on Westwood One Sunday night football it wasn't that long ago in fact it may might then last week I think it was last week but I tweeted that Brett Maher was the highlight of the first half of the Dallas Cowboys well he was a highlight he wasn't be highlight which is good for Dallas they they don't either kicker to be the highlight but he did have a career long fifty three yarder and I was listening at the time to Westwood One Kevin Kugler along with hall of Famer Jason Taylor and he said that well Kevin said that would would be good from seventy Jason Taylor said that would would have been good for me eighty so it's quite a boot for Maher but a career long for him and your first name of the night he is the first kicker in NFL history to have three field goals of at least sixty yards in his career so congratulations to Brett Meyer but more importantly the Dallas Cowboys offense looked locked in they had read them they had hello they had to what you would call a synergy of corporate synergy where the sama of the part is greater than than the individual parts Dallas really did work to establish the run early a hundred and eighty nine yards the team Ezekiel Elliott was over the century mark and well that wasn't perfect few sacks in there an interception what he did was more than enough and it was created by so it cracked me up to see some of the reaction on social media about how it must be hello more calling plays again Jason Garrett somehow gets blamed for all the poorly executed calls all the bad calls but all the good ones all credit dear G. Callen more it's amazing that narrative sometimes in professional sports we get so over the top with our hyperbole but Jack was twenty one of twenty seven for two hundred thirty nine yards and he was spreading the ball around there were a lot of different options allowing the playmakers to go out there and do what they do best it's kind of a back back against a wall mentality has kind of said it's you don't necessarily want to be in that position but I've told you all all your long continues that we've got the right man and and a locker room that we're in this position the double down double down on themselves believing the man next to them go out there and just perform like you need before moment when they need to so as I said we're we're gonna grow from it we're gonna figure out how to do that don't put an outstanding game I really was in control of everything I make great decisions throughout my number big plays plays with his feet plays with his arm I played really well in critical situations cashing in on the red zone on some drives for us and just really did a nice job really in command of everything and and and played really well situational football as for the Philadelphia Eagles the first half of this game may have been rock bottom the offense at me make with the two turnovers the line was getting dominated in the trenches its shore they found their footing a bit in the second half not enough to really do any damage and how do you when you're coughing up the football four times your quarterbacks getting hit in fact and the hours are hard to come by and so Dallas emerges from week seven with sole possession of first place in the NFC east there is a a real good chance that the division lead chase's hands multiple times before the end of the season it seems to be modus operandi I in that division the eagles fall to three and four and it's not as though they haven't been in tough tight uncomfortable situations before under Doug Peterson but may and they've dug themselves a hole what has changed three a roller sleeves of your work.

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