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Still living in the past but father. Tom Is undefeated. We'll see on that long ago. But do remember Jason. He had no touchdowns of picking a fumble. We wouldn't actually slide it. Open the side. I don't care what losses while the real torture. The browns people went crazy The networks couldn't wait to put them on prime time games. All the browns are going to the Super Bowl. They got Baker Mayfield. Oh my God oh. BJ Look at the roster. They've picked up Kareem hunt all this other stuff and what happened to them that they didn't even make the playoffs this year. talent on paper for doesn't always mean you're GONNA win. Does it no not at all. And you know they. They won the headlines in the off season and people were going crazy about it and book and tickets tickets to Miami from Cleveland. And you WANNA be Miami of February if you live in Cleveland but you know you got to pump the brakes a little bit and play the Games and you know I hate to be that guy but but you know I was saying all summer long and I was telling my party every Westwood One Kevin Kugler that you know I just feel like. That's a man smoking at a gas station. It's just a matter of time before blows. I never never believer in and I thought it was. It was too much throw in the pot too fast and felt like there was some indecision as with the coaching ask whatnot and a lot of big personalities on a team that that didn't have a whole lot of discipline in it manifested itself. You know early on throughout the season season with the amount of penalties they had and Kinda shoot themselves in the foot and there's only one football and a lot of talented guys up there and you know it wasn't a big believer in a quarterback we're back yet and he. I think he has some some growing to do. And you know comes with those surprise us with those surprise me. A little bit is is that I feel like a snap decision into to let Freddie Kitchens go. I mean this one and done thing. Is this one a done thing. I know people have some issues with them. And you know whether he's a leader or not and the lack of discipline and this thing but I mean if you're GonNa hire a guy you have to give him time and that fifteen games lineup time it takes time to mention in the jail and and get things going so listen you picked him last year to be your head coach. I I feel like you need to write out for a couple years or three years at least and let the thing play out a little bit. I is Jason. You know. Oversold changing all the chains and Cleveland. They continue to have the same goal. There's something else wrong. See you know what Jason I'm with do I. I'm wondering if you I'm saying can't blame it. All on Freddie I blame John Dorsey the GM who gave him that job where he was probably not ready yet. He had I've been. What was he? The running backs coach. Chris and then he had never been a full chlorinated horner. And you give them that job and then do it to them like that. I agree Greek. John Dorsey put the roster together and hired an inexperienced coach with all these different personalities. And I guess he's right now going to get to stick around but I I'm with you. I think kitchens is getting the brunt of it's always easier to justify to coach correct. Yeah it is in this and I'm not gonna I'm I'm not gonNA campaign. Forgot to lose his job. But it's interesting that that he picked pretty kitchen to be the head coach a year ago and then fires him or as part of the process of firing them and then now gonna be trusted to hire another couple is kind of it was kind of it kind of head scratching me but each their own. I mean we have a lot of money. They they either earned a right to own the team and do what they wanna do but it just this this repetitive process of going through coaches. And letting them go and if you look could only get third year with with the hands of the owners is is Hugh Jackson and that was a that was a disaster in that everyone. I was amazed that he will get a third year. And obviously that didn't work out you halfway through the third year but this is a mess up their pro football hall of Famer Jason Taylor joining in the Arca. But let's stay in Cleveland Baker Mayfield and very outspoken. had his episodes going at the media going at fans going at you. You know media members individually. What do you think a team can win because we? We rarely see championship or high high level. quarterbacks behaving that way I don't personally think it can't be done but what's your view on Kenna quarterback have that type of fire. You're in personality. I'm talking about you know with the media and fans and all that answer back. Every criticism can guide do that and lead a franchise or does he need to toned down a little bit. I mean can it be done probably you know we. We haven't seen it be done that so I think everyone's saying this. Is You know you can't win like this. But would I encourage it if I was a teammate or coach or you know an EXEC organization encourage it no absolutely not what I try to. What a stop to it? Yeah I would know. pull him aside. And let's focused football. You know these people out there some get paid to to you know I like this. I get paid to analyze not criticized but you know sometimes it comes off as criticism but you. They get paid to do that others. Don't others simply sign up and get a twitter account or You know Instagram mcallen. Feel free to to go at you but you could ignore that stuff. That's part of the Gig you know you you. You chose to play professional football for living and you're not GonNa win them. All people were going to criticize you when you win and probably give it to much credit when you lose the definitely will give you too much credit in the off season whenever you start to compile Russia that has a lot of big name so you gotta take the good with the bad rather you. Just be quiet. Keep your head down down and and keep that chip on your shoulder shore. But you don't need us. You'll need to show it every time you get in front of a camera. Jason it looks like the Jason Garrett Tenure and you're in Dallas will come to an end noon central time today but When you look at the cowboys and they had an unbelievable roster people were picking them to make super bowl run and they didn't even make the playoffs is it back is it was Jason Garrett or or does is it bigger than that and Jerry Jones has to take some some responsibility because he will not let the football people run the franchise? He's just has to be involved and it just hasn't worked out the last twenty five years. That's a longest playoff games twenty-five years since Jimmy Johnson left. Yeah it's been a while and there's you know everybody in the building have to take part of the blame and has to be responsible for it accountable when that goes from ownership down. And then you're in our organization you know a great organization innovation and you know the most valuable sports franchise in our country and you know with an owner that that wants to be involved. And that's his right to do that. And it's I I think it'd be. It can become difficult to work under under him or with them. And you know when when the owners and the in the hallway giving interviews to the media while the coach is still in the locker room team I it just it's difficult but that's his prerogatives and but everybody has ever. Everyone deserves some responsibility and it has to be held accountable for not just the head coach. Listen that's we've all been around long enough to know that that you know the first place. The blame is is the coach and they try to coach and second effect continually does not work. Then at some point you've got to stop and take a step back and say what else would be doing it. That isn't helping us because we're very talented football team gal talented team got guys that pretty much every position then loaded Jason loaded. It should be winning Jason. You obviously great defensive in as we say at Hall of Famer two part question one. How difficult or frustrating would it be to play against Lamar Jackson in their offense in Baltimore? And into. How would you if you're planning for him game planning for him in the playoffs? How would you stop him? I mean to answer. Your first question is very difficult. I mean it's it's one of those weeks where you don't get a whole lot asleep you're constantly trying to figure out how the saints have look how disguise how to roll covers is what can can we. Would it be fire zones or or giving the impression of pressure and drop back in his own trusting your front four to get there and and as a as a pass rusher when you're playing against a guy like him and I played against Mike Vick when he came in the league and embarrassed all of us right. Now it's you you. You can't let it take your your Stinger away so to speak. When you're rushing quarterback you still got to go? You have to go Adam Hart and and do what you do remain cognizant that any rushing you opened up you know. He's he's going to squeeze through there within the threat is well. Some guys can step in Nepal. Did the Seattle game last night. And you see Russel. Wilson who can extend claims to some of the pocketing and get lateral WANNA scrimmage and keep his eyes on the field. Where exactly can do that? And then all of a sudden he decided to run and then he's running a four three four four. It's like what do you do and it's it's one of those things where where you need to play ball control on offense. You cannot settle for field goals in the red zone off at your office. have to score touchdowns and try to play. Keep away as best you can see there. There's GonNa be a couple throw the game. It's like any any quarterback where he's GonNa give you an opportunity to make a play on the ball and you you have to make that play but trying to contain him and stop him from running and extending plays stressing your defense back in particularly when you're a man to man it's just. I'm I'm sitting here so I started sweating you've been talking about. I got a quick really about thirty seconds left. Because we've always heard the quarterback can't run this this much and stay healthy in the NFL NFL. Do you are you. Do you agree with that sentiment. I've always believed it. I'm starting to wonder. Is it possible for a guy to run like this and last you know in the NFL. What what's your thought on that Roy depends on what your time frame for last is and I do believe that in this league eventually eventually someone's going to catch up with you? Those the accumulation of those hits and he does he does a really good job with large accident getting down and not taking on hold on a direct blows. And he's he's very very savvy about doing that and I hope he continues to cause I I love I love. I love watching them play and I think he's great for the League but I just feel like at some point you got linebackers run a four four and run a four or five four six two hundred seventy five pounds eventually. Someone's GonNa get you and kind of the cumulation. Those Dell's hits are GONNA add up so for longevity. You know. I like you'd like to see your quarterback Naccache hits if he can continue to do it the way he's doing. I think you know it works for them and it works for him and man is a really stress defense. And it's It's impossible to stop but it's it's very very difficult. Hi Jason Taylor. Glitz football hall of Famer Aamer Westwood One. NFL analyst. Thanks for joining US man. Great Job macron guys have YouTube. Appreciate IT I. It's the couple in for Dan. Patrick this is the Dan Patrick show keep it locked. Everybody's got it to do this. I get one for my wife. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk figure out something to get out of the house. Also I can relax. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. The good thing you don't have to drop off or pick up anything all all you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM fifteen minutes. You could be saving fifteen.

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