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Outline the list of provisions in the overall package that he described as wasteful spending. It is 6 33 president Trump also issuing Maura pardons. We'll get to that story coming up in just a couple of minutes. Let's go check the roads. It's Theseus Maru retainers of New England, all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Merry Christmas, Lawrence. Merry Christmas to you into everybody out there and the fact that you got up in the middle of the night in the pitch black. You are being rewarded by the fact that things were moving very well for you Right now. We're still looking at a good ride in on the expressway. Lots of folks, but Nobody's stopping anybody else up. And you're looking good heading into the city right now. If you are heading over to Logan Airport things are looking good for you right now. In the airport tunnels, no delays for you. There are let's check out the upper end of 1 28. Now that David's truffle, you know, in the my free insurance copter. 1. 28 South has nothing in the way through when, um or Wakefield or will burn and with a combination of very light traffic and headwinds working against us right now, from Burlington and to Lexington, the cars are going much faster than we are. David Straka, Lena, my free insurance copter. Mm. Get you, doesn't it? All right, 93 south on in Randolph. Watch out for disabled vehicle. It's in the breakdown lane right by route. 28 Laurie. Granted WBC's traffic on the threes wearing a mask in public is essential to slowing the spread of covert 19. But for some, it can cause acne. Learn how to prevent skin irritation and acne from the experts at Tufts Medical Center now at WBZ, 10.

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