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ESPN LA Orioles leading the dodgers won nothin what yeah they stink rituals out by by the way but the only plan and I'm the only planned on pitching them well wait greg take him after winning because they took him out for one and actually to two thirds of an inning because he struck out the first I too then he went hit by pitch. Walk hit by Pitch Walk to run to walk in the run. Oh Wow so hopefully there's nothing wrong with his forearm and he just needs to get back in tape needs to tune. That up needs to tune that out so he's done yeah. He's out of the game out of cleric finish. That's fine. I mean he's got he pitched. He hasn't pitched in months yeah by the way this is sort of the dodger philosophy now. It's not necessarily about the starting rotation. It's about it's about an entire pitching staff and they've done. They used Julio. Maria says an opener last week who threw two innings to start a game and I think they ended up giving up. Just one run in that game. The bullpen was fantastic in that game yeah yeah. I think you're I think you're right. The bullpen has been very good outside of guys like you me Garcia who is not going to be on the on the postseason roster. Caleb Ferguson is another guy who's not going to be. There probably not chance to be there but I don't think he's GonNa make it either but that's another guy. That's you know it's the guys that you really want to do. Well have been doing well outside of Kenley Jansen John. Do you know the Ninja style headbands. Yes drew holiday warm a lot there there were probably ten or eleven guys in the NBA warm pretty consistently. I think they're getting rid of them. They have banned them banned like you can't wear them the. NBA has been if you have won the NBA has banned hand the Ninja style head pans popularized by Mike Scott and Jimmy Butler in yeah. They're banned because of safety reasons and consistency consistency of size and length. I don't understand the safety reason basically a band Nanna. I have no idea what's it's. It's a headband end with just like a little first of all. They're incredibly cool. They're cool looking. So what would this safety issue. Be like. I could see I can see uniformity comedy like if they just don't like the look of them and they want everybody. They look cool but I mean people reasonable. People can disagree on that explained explain to me the scenario where a Ninja had been would be unsafe. The back of the headband whips me as you're going for a dunk. Yeah I doubt for the ball grabs. The headband pulls your head back. I don't okay so I'm just trying. I'm trying to think out here okay you get in an NBA fight and I can take it and David Rabbit around your neck guy goes up and like his fingers get caught up in a band. That could be a different scene that in regular headband that or that in the net. You're not changing the net. This is not a safety concern. It should just didn't like him no somebody I didn't WanNa make them anymore either but he would make anything that it sells sure and they're cool looking yeah that's weird. I don't know this. I mean the argument that it's Oskar roundabout. Don't know what what but I'm just trying to figure out why they ejected on them what they didn't like about him. Do you think it makes people full of two menacing or like that's that could be that could be okay. I tweeted out a little but a little while ago just to be curious. Should Antonio Brown play for the Patriots on Sunday or should he be on the Commissioner's exempt list so I will read you just a number of responses here play. She just wants money play play play. He should play. It's only an accusation. Let him play Hey. This is tough quart of opinion. Let him play since when to the pets. Give a damn about public opinion. He should play yeah yeah. I know we should not play them did you. Did you do a poll or just now John I just I just put it out there. As a question the vast ashed majority of people think you should play well because there is in Greg. You actually agree with this. There is not enough evidence to keep them off the off the field at least not yet no there's nothing in there and even the text messages read all the text messages. Nothing says this all garage Security Ping. There's nothing disagree I I mean but what is it in the actually says it sleeping and and non consensual. There's two separate. There's the AH never says anything about consent agree to disagree well degree to disagree but the Union is going to come after you. I mean they're not going to come after me. I'm a scientist Langeloth that guy in Los Angeles spreading wise and have to come right after me. The I think that if they if they were able to interview her and they could say they did a full investigation and they completed it then they could take Antonio Antonio Brown off the field but think about president the unions going to say this sets a horrible precedent. Anyone can accuse anyone of our players and again the key to this is it's a civil litigation this point there are no animal charter at this point yeah now if criminal charges are filed then. I agree with you. The second criminal charges are filed. That's enough but until they do. You can't inside them now. The patriots might elect to sideline minded but that's kind of hard because their owner is involved in a lawsuit and I read dismissed the Florida massage parlor thing I have no idea I lost track of it. Yeah I did too which is surprising variously gone gone. That's what fancy high priced I attorney can do for you. They can sweep anything under the rug yeah. I it'll be interesting to see exactly what they do but the vast majority Jordan people at least here on my time line think yes. He should play yeah. I can see that logic now. If more evidence comes out or two a key here if any criminal charges get filed. Yes I think they take them off the field but until then I don't think they can do it. I mean I shouldn't say that way. They could do it. They've done things like this before but I don't think they will do it. Because of the precedent it sets and that's why the way the reason I think yesterday we were very uh hesitant to report this story because ESPN for whatever reason was the last one to the party right. They didn't report this and neither did somebody else's reporting. According I mean it was the New York Times report right but Yahoo moved on it teams. He moved on it. A lot of people moved on but I mean in fairness. The New York Times had a copy of the lawsuit before anybody the else had it right but when that happens other outlets reputable outlets will move on it but see they couldn't do it until they got copies of the loss right. The New York Times got the scoop loop. They got the copy of the lawsuit before anybody else so I think so. ESPN couldn't report it until they got a copy of the right but one of the reasons. I think they were hesitant. Was Anybody can accuse anybody of anything. It's me against US example earlier. If I come in here with a black eye and I say I'm filing a civil suit against Steve Mason and he beat me up and you say I don't know what Ireland's talking about. I wasn't even near him. I wasn't there then. All we have is a dispute over. Who's telling the truth. Which is right now? Now you have in the San Antonio. They would take us both off the air see. I hope they wouldn't wait a minute if you showed up with a with a pummeled face ace and you said I did it and I showed up. You really don't think they would take off the air but but one of you were dignity. Make one of via a hell of a show yeah well. They did. Maybe that yeah I know it will cabinets Garelli in that scenario. I really think the only one who should be taken off his me because you got beat up will because I'm accusing you but you didn't do anything wrong yet. I'm just accusing you. They would take us both off the air but I'm but you didn't do it yeah but they don't know that in other words why Aby Cautious Islas kicked your ass last night. Hey how about at six almost kicked your eyes. Wait a minute. Let's get in a fight fake fight and we can t we pull chuck booms and take Friday Right Bourbon with the show tomorrow three day weekend. thank. Yous Mason of something. I don't know what it is. What I'll tomorrow good morning. I.

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