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Three are dominating Venetian harbour. Now kicks it again. Opens up three lengths on Gingham. Who's in the second stellar sound third? This is the real deal but Meeshan harbor is all by herself as she scrolls home in the last virgin has plenty of promise here as Venetian harbour. Completely dominates geared down wins by nine empathetic links so Venetian harbour. I should correct frankie. It was nine and a quarter emphatically. It's so fun to try to. That's one of the joys of announcing his trying to guess the big margins because I know and I don't know that frank does this but I know a lot of us ego maniacs. Do when we get you know you runs straight down to the placing hey. Hey rich was at margin there. And he's like. Oh twelve and three quarters. Oh Goddess at ten. It was way more so being off by quarter Frank. We're going to give you a plus on that one. It's pretty good. I think Peter Berry one time guest fifty links. It was it was. It was a horse that used to win the marathon mound nearby. Meyler forget the worst name but Peter said fifty. I think the margin was forty nine and three quarters that might go down as the all time margin call. I realized you know after really after fifteen or twenty. It's you're just you're hoping to get to the nearest five. I think in the original secretary called and he say twenty five links and it was thirty one. I mean I don't know how you first of all you don't have much much practice because very few horses win by that margin but it's funny I in to the naked eye the margin sometimes when it's a big gap looks way different in person than it does on TV. Like there's been times where I'll call a wins it by five on TV. I'm like God. It looks like eight and then the margin is seven or eight and so a little bit tricky sometimes. But we're going to get Frankie and eight plus on that one because nine to nine quarters pretty damn close and this was awesome but it was neat to watch Richard Baltimore in the post race interview with Peter Laurie Talking. I mean you could tell he was he was pretty Daf Act with the effort and you know broke like a shot and was going pretty quickly and that's one of the things I wanNA talk. I was sitting with John Lindow when this race was often. So that's part of the reason I wanted to talk with him. He had talked about the track. Did dug it up a little bit in the morning and it was a little more deep and tiring and and all that. What have you and come home time? Wasn't it crazy? But it was solid enough. After going the DC early fractions and boy she was just full running. Just you know we talk about with young horses with every horse for the most part but the eye test and boy. This is a test that was well past because the source looked like a million bucks going down the Lane. I HAVE TO IMAGINE. The connections are very excited. Stellar sound took a little bit of a run toward the term and tried to get close but I mean flopping was just sitting on a rocket ship and very little doubt from the top of the stretch home the thunder road stakes the other feature on Saturday at Santa Anita and favoritism in this spot going to frontier market was coming over from Ecuador. But just you'll at eight hundred sixty one Ronald are you had four to one. Kingly took some money going off at seven to to you know not with the greatest form and this is a loan turf. Runners became most famous Tur- force but took some took some cash the window true valour. Got a little bit of attention for dre Johnny and assignment Callahan. That was actually who I kind of like most of the race in all river. Boyne at ninety two. Let's take a listen back to the thunder road here. Frank Mir monty with kingly that controlling speed take the one oh one within three quarters of linked true valour on the Rail Majestic Eagle inching up between rivals down Paradiso. His three wide only two and a half lengths off the pace crew. Valor is just behind this group. He's looking for a spot to run. Ronald Arlo try to circle the field outside frontier market than the hot did kingly digging.

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