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What did he do with basically little towns aurora mayor in this year in in washington dc it how many how many wednesday of us here in in reality how many wins is kirk cousins worth that's the real meat of the question pens on the team you can't just a sign a win total to one guy i think oh he very great tom brady's were ten wins with roman any tate that's not you're your your roofing outages two binary and we're that bore still kept on the browns to draft the correct players since what are we doing there that is a very fair point and hopefully dorsey is the right guy there and instead of sashi brown and whatever else they had the baseball guy for the mets and deep protest at eight five five two one two four cbs good job guys i let's ended on the phones i got three phone calls artful trying to get to the mall norm todd enron will ship up to boston actually led the boston area let's hear norm your next up on cbs sports radio go ahead norm go doing great what's up i just got a quick was reported i gotta no problem with you saying that she meant that things like that but then when you say she has the ratio home what exactly is racial well she's marking the james and she's mocking kevin durant and she called the kevin kevin durant lebron james then that's where the racial tone comes into it and she was trying to pretend like lebron james is not an educated person it just the way that she said it and in the bush years tone that she said it i'm not calling her racist but she had a great show phone to it you are when when you say someone hugh than racial tones and affair even you're him a ray they end up in quiet but i'm not though like like example for for example like what happened in boston the other day with christian four year like he he made he was mocking of voice i know christian for it is you i think christian four usa is racist no i don't i don't so there you go on that let's go to tom in cleveland your next up on cbs sports radio what's up that there were no racial cow at all at the.

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