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Time 5 o'clock twenty six degrees light fog in boston the morning darling go beyond wbz news fears were following of the wbz newsroom this december 23rd another reminder that its windsor winter weather advisories up this morning around the city for icy nece we've got snow in the forecast for christmas eve school start times are staying put you boston but that didn't stop other protests from taking place fair glad school start times will not be changed where payoff they don't have to deal with his again in the future of also coming up a priest with massachusetts ties as a step closer to sainthood wbz sport double header at the garden today the bruins have wings play this afternoon celtics and bulls tapped tonight well it wasn't a monster of a storm but some areas were left for the few inches or so of snow last night notes dry right now we're expecting more precipitation to role in wbz weather meteorologist deemed aboard joins us now deemed we're going to be seeing more wet than right this time i am well this first batches rain and drizzle but we've got s temperatures some most places garo belowfreezing factor in the twenty th the sporting around the city and to the north and west he had down to the south coast in the cape were still above freezing in the low 40s there temperatures should start rising so icy nece this morning in and around the city over to playing rain and drizzle and then that batch moves away are you ready we are still looking for a white christmas situation here's storm number two in tomorrow night into christmas eve one wanted three inches around the city three to six north and west on more details on that as we go through the morning here on wbz newsradio 1030 all right so we're gonna have a white christmas it's fair to say that right i think it's a pretty good bat right now again track and speed the pendant two but will keep an eye on it here on wbz okay deem will check in with you in just a little bit wbz news time 501 you ski freak snow this is prime time to get your fixed but have you ever tried ski biking well now you.

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