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N. Y. C. coming up in about eight minutes Los Lobos talk about their new Christmas album yeah go Navidad the Park Avenue armory is known for large scale spectacles but W. N. Y. C.'s Jennifer been asco says the latest one call judgment day fall short the writer or done been horrified is being revisited lately here and abroad in the nineteen thirties you were about the ways ordinary people were affected by fascism but you have to dig pretty hard to find that sort of message in Christopher Shinn's adaptation the story is about a married station master whose distracted by a young woman and so he doesn't flip the right switch to signal an express train to stop the train crashes eighteen people die the balance of the ninety minutes is watching the townspeople gossip about whether he's at fault but we already know he's guilty in the first scene what's the most successful here is the SAT two giant blocks of plywood one in the shape of an archer a viaduct somehow the sheer bigness of that makes a small story seem important the loom over everything as fascism must have done in the nineteen thirties and when they're pushed silently around the armory the result is somehow ominous as if a future Horace silently approaching yet the actors seem lost an emotionally remote and that huge stage and the production doesn't wrestle with morality or killed in an interesting way even though the complicity of the towns people seems to be the point Jennifer Velasco W. NYC news support for NPR comes from W. NYC members and from American Jewish world service working together for more than thirty years to build a more just and equitable world learn more at.

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