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Donald Trump, Jackie Quinn, President Trump discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Hi Jackie Quinn president trump is responding to criticism he's received for wondering aloud yesterday about using some type of disinfecting process inside cobit nineteen patients I was asking is are quickly casting a very sarcastic question to the reporters in the room about disinfectant on the inside but it does kill it and would kill it on the hands and that would make things much better that was done in the form of a sarcastic question to the reporters the maker of Lysol came out with a public statement it would be dangerous to ingest its products or use them on a human body president trump says he's excited states are getting ready to reopen although he's criticized Georgia for moving too soon in opening hair salons and gyms today health officials say testing is the key the health group Kobe tracking project says fewer than five million Americans have been swabbed are my grass it has the White House response president trump called on FDA commissioner Dr Steven Hahn to tout the speed with which tests have been developed for Colby in nineteen this is happened in weeks and months Tom was asked about a congressional report that some anti body tests making it to market haven't been approved by the FDA the package insert they have to let people know end users labs X. cetera that those tests were not authorized by FDA the president didn't allow harm to answer any more questions it ended the briefing after just twenty two minutes Mike Rossio Washington a top navy officers recommending the reinstatement of the aircraft carrier captain who was fired for sending a plea for help to protect his crew from a corona virus outbreak another navy war ship has an outbreak the USS Kidd is coming back to port Texas authorities are accusing a large egg producer approached price gouging during the corona virus pandemic cal Maine foods raised prices by three hundred percent Wall Street today the Dow gained two hundred sixty points this is ABC news the corona virus pandemic is devastated the nation's economy but a poll shows a majority of Americans feel positive about their personal finances the numbers are grim more than twenty six million people have lost their jobs the past five weeks in a P. N. O. R. C. center for public affairs research poll about a quarter of American adults say it's happened to somebody in their household roughly half say their households are earning less money but the vast majority expect the loss of jobs will come back once the crisis passes some seventy eight percent some of the optimism is due to Congress passing relief packages still the country split on whether the economy will rebound over the next year forty five percent expected to improve Sager made Donnie Washington in eastern Congo an ambush near the renowned around the park is killed twelve Rangers who guard some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the wild five others were killed hi Jackie Quinn APNews thank you for listening to the AP radio network.

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