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Is there in my name may be how long you've been married uh ten years okay and what his his income i never really new well give me a guess thirty three thousand dollars a month now twenty six a month i think that's pretty close for gifts this is a more than eur led known uh jahor at the thing is is the based on the disparity of your income i suspect your divorce settlement mike calls him to have to pay even the cards that are in your name well i would rather not get into any kind of spitting contest with him i don't think you have a choice you have a seven hundred dollar month tom yeah is there anything i can do to get rid of some of them myself wow go see your income come up to do that uh i don't know how you're going to see how you're going to do your survival on seven hundred well i'm living with the french so i don't have rent or anything like that well if i can get out from under the credit cards then i can always go through the government housing section eight types of what is the nature of your disability anomalies i was in a car accident and had tree compression fracture of my lowest fine so i can no longer see it's for extended periods i can't drive for extended periods i wish i'm trying to go to school yeah i think he looked for something that you can do with your limitations to get your income up because i'm having trouble give near really bright future on seven hundred bucks a month anthony's thank you for stopping by nays americans think him anthony on the alleged illness this is the dave ramsey show.

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