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Bit is worth your attention and I can link those up in the show notes. Cool. So then, obviously, the big issue here this last couple of weeks has been the reemergence of a virulent covid nineteen in the United States of America and all that has wrought and I think that we're both. We don't want to get too politicized here with it, but a couple of things have come out. Stand out for me. And one that I wanted to talk to you about and get your take on. Was this idea of of masks or anti terrorism and the American love of freedom, and that's being reflected right now in two very different takes on things. One is the anti mask crowd who people who don't want to wear masks see the orders of mask ordinances around cities and states as an example of authoritarianism, and then in Portland right now there are extended black lives matter protests, and in and the city has been. been dealing with that for ever, since George Floyd died and more recently, the federal government has set in customs and Border Patrol agents that are basically jackboots on the ground that are taking people off the street. Even people who aren't at the protests have claimed to be arrested, and and in blackout cars by unidentified federal agents, and then turned up next thing you know they're in federal court so in a way that feels very authoritarian ist to a lot of people, especially those protesters and you have kind of. Those two things juxtaposed on the mask front I was reading a great article in the Salt Lake Tribune by Courtney Tanner and it was about how in the conservative counties they don't want their children to have to wear masks. Mothers are spitting in masks at County Council meetings. And then you go to Huntington, Beach California. Where the guys chat and JT. What's their Youtube Channel? Those guys Chad goes deep right and. These guys are hilarious and they turn up at like city council meetings all the time and troll the. Going around trying to give away free mass, trying to get away cheaper angry at them exactly and it's the same thing that's happening in Provo. Utah, so it's not just happening. It's not fringe really these reactions to masks so interesting I think. What I find fascinating about. This is the different lenses through which people perceive. Authoritarianism on the one hand. You have the anti mass crowd who are? Rallying against this edict that we wear masks as an infringement on their liberties, and on the other hand, we have these federal troops, essentially this militarized police force. That's patrolling the streets of Portland. And uniforms that don't have names and don't necessarily designate their authority and unmarked vehicles vans, etc, rounding people up arresting people. and. There's a certain contingent of people who I would suspect that the people who are against wearing masks. Don't have such a big problem with that. And the question then becomes versa yeah, and vice versa right, so the yeah, the people were exactly so the question then becomes what is truly authoritarian. What is the real risk here? Where we seeing inroads on our democratic ideals and living in truly liberty oriented democratic society right to me. And I have to like. Is this my cognitive bias to me? I! Don't have a problem wearing a mask. It's a mild in I. Don't like wearing a mask. It's a mild inconvenience, but to the extent that there's any evidence whatsoever. That might be helpful or protective for other people to. Keep them from getting sick I'm happy to do it. I'm happy to do it, but when I see. Troops in a city. On Federal Authority against the wishes of certain state, governors and mayors and local politicians, patrolling streets and arresting people. Seemingly I don't know I'm not I I've born witnessed any of this. But I read that esquire article about this. That's more deeply concerning to me. It feels like a greater threat to our liberty and far more authoritarian than this idea like where masks and look out for each other. Yeah, I talked to somebody WHO's at the protest in Portland on. Friday, night and And there it was similar to what we had here. Where the police kind of did escalate the tension as opposed to try to escalate it but they weren't. Identify themselves I. think that that has started to trickle out. It's it's really hard to know exactly what's happening because when you come when you have these kinds of really tense situations. Nobody is objective observer. You know so. It's hard to know exactly what's happening in. What is mistakes mistakes being made that are legitimate infringements on civil liberty, and what is like they're doing it on purpose like where where's that line so gray, but we do know the mayor of Portland has asked for the federal agents to leave We do know that And you know there was this line from the salt. Lake coverage of this was in Provo and one of the leaders Republican who sits on the county council in Provo said. The mandates and he's he's on the county. The county council is I don't like government mandates, but and that's true right like so a lot of us. Don't like it, so the question is like what is it in the American soul that makes us these love this lover of liberty, but maybe to our own detriment to the point that we we want. We don't want to be told what to do. No matter what, but in this case. In terms of the masks people are doing it, and it could really come back at them in the form of of a virus that could kill them like what is the and it's already kind of made us. Nationality non grata all over the world. We're down to twenty eight countries. We can go visa-free. Go almost anywhere where the American passport. That passport has been devalued right so there's a there's a stricture on our liberty right their ability to travel globally. Yeah, it's so fascinating. How vociferous and angry people are certain? People are when asked to wear a mass is when you see that in that comedic video with those guys. They're basically like. Hey, do you WanNa Free Mask and people are? Are Flipping the bird and fuck off. Yes, and getting really angry. Is that the muscles? So why is it? Why is it making people so angry I? Think is one question like what what is that rage all about and that's something. We talked about a couple of weeks ago, right that like repressed rage. That's just beneath the surface. That I think has a lot to do with. People feeling like they don't have as much agency in their lives. As as they feel like they deserve and that's a longer thing that we went into before, but. Juxtaposing that onto what we're seeing in Portland and then contextualising with this this argument around free speech, where where's the speech being impinged like? If you're unable to protest, because you're GONNA, get arrested even if you're doing it legally. That's seems like a greater. Repercussion an inroad on free speech, then being told to wear a mask while they relate right is in, and how and why did wearing a mask become so politicized? Well that I think takes us back to the Cunanan and all that Youtube coverage and the negativity around this the people who think the pandemic is a hoax which you did here in that that comedic video and Huntington Beach, but you also hear it in the in the council rooms and in protest lines in Salt Lake City and Provo that people don't believe..

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