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This is so I'm trying to think of a good piece and. I I couldn't really come up with anything but Yes. So No definitely the there that. Influence there. For sure. So do you have any Any I do I do have a couple, I'll just go through them real quick one I was actually surprised I thought that you were going to bring up because I think you were fairly big fan of of suspicious. Sure which goes along with a black swan really well, Yeah. That's the only reason I didn't bring it up is because I feel like it kind of hits the same notes as Black Swan I probably could've just combined with DEF, definitely I thought us the spirit and especially the remake. By Dreaming Again Yes. Something a more recent but might as well a mentioned that one. to Co Johnson she's fabulous. She's in that I forgot to mention finding when I was talking about neon deemed by the way But but yeah, at the other ones a CODA was when that came to mind for me. CODA. Is Katie Holmes Movie never saw it. It's it's pretty good. It's an. A, great with it, you got an aging. Piano. Player play by Patrick, Stewart who he all of the sudden after years and years of being this a great. Pianist. That handling shows he has stage fright and he meets this younger woman a Katie Holmes who is actually a music critic they become friends and there's just something about her in their connection that she calms like that anxiety in him and he's able to. Continue on in play shows. And Just the whole thing with the the the pressure of you know a performing. The panic attack that. The lead has in this film you know and just the fact that is a piano movie. I am just instantly thinking about it. So Dom specifically with. I had two things that came to mind because I was thinking about movies that were dealing with siblings and the like the competitiveness of the siblings especially with the siblings doing the same thing. In the two things that came to mind are actually. Sports Movies and one of them is fighting with my family which is a it's a great movie based on true story breath and sister wrestlers and the brother and the sister try out. To be a part of the whatever the Wrestling Federation is and the sister ends up getting the brother doesn't. And this sister kind of just ends up a pretty much throwing it away or at least it's peers that way to the brother and there's a lot of anger and bitterness toward her of you stole my. My dream and threw it away sort of thing. Just reminded me a lot of that and the house. Good. The other one is the movie warrior. With Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Great Great. Movie Mixed Martial Arts Movie About. Two brothers that It's a broken family and a difference here is that they actually through through fighting and then actually fighting against each other in this tournament where they ended up in the championship together. They actually make a man's. And seems like even one of the before the brother beats the other one. He tells him that he will. He loves HIM ANY FORGIVES HIM IN. You know it's just a fantastic movie though but that whole element of the of the competing brothers and of just some of how. Not just. What's going on with the art form itself, but also just everything in our life together kind of but up with. All of these pressures. So right right. Interesting. Speaking to those two pieces. I don't want to be the guy who tells the writer, how to how to write the better version of their movie or whatever. I'm just saying something I would find, I would find to be like a really fascinating movie. If somebody wrote a version of this you know competing piano players who are who are sisters that throws out all the other stuff and it's just them and almost no other characters like you know almost none of the other stuff just the the intense competition between the two of them. I think could really be like such an interesting story right I, got you a more more more more whiplash like the intensity of the whiplash especially that finale like the intensity that with Yeah Competition. Absolutely. Absolutely. So any other pieces? now I think that was it cool. Well, I will go ahead and do the finished puzzle, and then we'll get into some closing thoughts here. WE HAVE FOR NOCTURNAL WE'VE got the witch whiplash shine Black Swan, the perfection evil dead the grudge scream urban legend we added in there to election the black coats daughter Neon Demon, the Robert Johnson urban legend, suspiciously a Coda fighting with my family and warrior. So yet interesting list You know it's a movie that's doing a lot of interesting things kind of like mixing together these ideas, the music movie, the competitive movie, the warring siblings movie, and then all mixed up with this whole. Supernatural as well. Did, you have any specific thoughts that we didn't quite get to in the process of talking about the puzzle piece of the the main thing was remember when all four these trailers drop for the welcome to the Bloom House on Amazon This was the one that I watched the trailer and I was like, okay that one looks really great. I was like the other ones they look good. This one looks great and and after watching it I, realize why that was is because of the style of. This and the visuals of this one This one does I would say it steps that element up and that's what for me kept it from just a following into just mediocre it definitely has some flair to it. Sure. Yeah I. Now I haven't watched the other three, but so I can't really comment on those but I definitely would say I'm interested to see what this director does next who I would sure if I would say so too. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it'd be interesting. I think she's probably got. A pretty interesting voice moving forward. So I'd like to see that. As. As far as other closing thoughts, I don't really have anything I. I did write down one line that just made me laugh. I was like a penny slot machine everything just made. I. What does that mean? Exactly I don't know I just wanted to bring that. What I wanted to say Having watched all four these though the lying is the one that I definitely recommend that people watch the Lai is absolutely fantastic..

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