What Is the Healthiest Diet Out There?

Food for Thought


This week's food for thought sees. Nhs dietitian and runner. Charlie watson and i explore to enjoy a healthier diet and what we can do to make those better choices. Hello charlie hi. Thanks so much for having me on the podcast. Such a pleasure. I've been so looking forward to this episode. I think just because it's going to help so many people because it's just easy as it is To tell you clients to stay tougher thing in moderation because that phrase is definitely one that we tend to use definitely and motivation is so different for everybody that you can. You can think you'll giving one piece of advice. And ashley the way that somebody interprets is so different to the way that you interpret or your mom interpreters your or your husband or whoever so yeah. It's something that we might have one interpretation but other people have many different ones. I and i think that's part of the complicated nature of our jobs but equally how things are portrayed in the media or online in particular. I felt most people online these days to get to get information of course and it's even more difficult. How do you read between the lines. How do you interpret how anyone's going to see what you have to say. Because what is i. Guess the question. Everyone wants to know is what is the healthiest diet. Charlie is the one out there. So i was thinking about this and i and i don't think there is one particular diet that fits everybody because we are all so different. We will have individual needs. We have individual goals. Health concerns health history. And so i think the healthiest for you is the one that makes you feel best. Both mentally and physically. Because i think that's such a big part of our eating is our mental health and the social aspects. and the you don't want to stress even if a diet is making you feel great physically. If it's adding a lot stressed your life might not be the best one for you. So it's about finding what is right for you. What makes you feel at

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