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We'll be negative if he respond to that. Because they support us great. If they responded that because they hate Trump great because they'll go away over Peter. Not sure that the eggs are from the book that you read is criticism. I'm just it's true. Trump has been a gold mine for television ratings and for newspapers. So that's all on. That is true. I wanted to talk about this pew study and people have a general distrust for the media and in the suggestion, I get from reading the book is that if we tone that back a bit that would help the media regain trust. And it seems like we're well beyond then. Now, I I'm not talking about Tony down. But I am talking about maybe better module. Relation like often. I'll open let's say the Washington Post's app and one of their apps, the posts most actually interchanges news story is an opinion as they aggregate and seriously on not few days. I I have to scrawl pass like eight or nine thin set aren't Trump Trump, Trump Trump and the other day, again, I those are Trump stories that are negative there. Feeding on negative stories. Less. Find interesting is that they all get clicked on. So there is an incentive. I just think I'm not that is an criticism. It just is sort of. It's Michael Kinsley is rule that the biggest crime is to say what is true a gaffe? He does define a gal right deaf. Ashes fact checked you live on the podcasts. Yeah. Well, it was a long time ago. That's I think that's you have a younger memory. I kinda want to quit while I'm ahead. But instead, we're going get quick break. Looking at Golda. We'll be right back. Displaced is the podcast. Listen, if you want to bet on the stand the largest global displacement crosses since I'm ready gourmet it I'm grand cordon in this season. We're going to focus on one of the most important issue shaping the displacement crisis. That's how the nature of wars changing. We will look at how technologies like drones cyberwarfare. And social media are changing the ways that conflict start and how they play out Schwab to season to displace now on apple podcasts or wherever you get. You podcasts. I'm back with Jill Abramson. We could talk for a long time by your book. Go read it. It's great. What surprised you about the Washington Post when you spent time writing about that company that thing that surprised me immediately? When I started going there to interview journalists was that it seems so happy because you expect them to be complaining about Basil's and the new not necessarily, but it was such a contrast to you. I spent twenty two years of my career in Washington in the Washington bureau of the Wall Street Journal, and then I was Washington bureau chief of the times and during all of that time, I mean, they were so reducing their staff, and it was just depression city over there. And. Yeah, people whose criticism. Awesome. I respect a lot like Jim fallow. We're saying in what they wrote that the quality of the newspaper was suffering. And so was you know, misery alley and then you know, what I found on day one was Happy Valley. And and that's just you know, it was surprising. It's not like I expected them to be sour grapes about Jeff Bezos spot just to have such a quick turn. Or I figured their honeymoon period where you've got money and someone says they want to invest and they've been losing assets and losing people for a long time. And then after a while the billionaire in this case, the tech billionaire would go what am I doing here with this company? And actually, I don't want coverage of this all or the other version B, I'm a technologist I'm gonna fix the company with my own special software or management mandate. And. Fits of that. But you haven't certain haven't heard complaining about it..

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