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On the business and biceps podcast with Cory, Gregory, and John Fosko. He runs the red zone. A mental health and drug recovery agency. Maurice chlorate. Pretty cool intro. Hey, I appreciate you MAURICE. I don't wanna I don't wanna take much your time here. I'd love to dig rate him because you have one of the most fascinating stories in the history of football. And I think your story does a lot of motivating and inspiring people about overcoming adversity and stuff like that. So let's get into it you go to state. You're being talked about is the greatest running back on earth is that some of the most precious times you've ever had in your entire life. One most precious. I would say yes, very notable. I think four for any kid, you know, when you when you playing football, ultimately, you know, go to a premier college in half success. You think is is gold at that. A lot of young guys have and to that went there and to you know, just teammates that were made practice. Our has memories. Even though they were short live those things were those things were better. Then great, you know, they're fantastic and to to accomplish so much in high school, and then immediately go to college in our ten thirteen month span to accomplish you know, what we did in college. You know, I wouldn't trade memories four for the world. And you know, those things happen back in two thousand two and three and you know, still to this day on matter where I'm at around the country. We were I'm able to steal talk about those and at least oppression people that are lasting. Buckeyes fans love you for what you did for them with that being said to thirty thorough thirty thirty came out about you. And it seemed as if the AD wasn't the biggest fan of MAURICE Clarin or he wasn't the biggest fan of possibly the situations were happening is there. Bad blood there between you own Ohio State, or if bygones be bygones since then. Sewri they made it, you know, for the national story came off like, you know, I had a problem with a house state what it was actually just me in a in a tiff between Aflac director and at the time. You take everything context context. You know, you know, he may have felt like he's got slight for me, you had two big egos that were basically going to give each other. And you what culture, you know, power? And you doing what race, you know? I'm I'm inner city black kid who comes and makes his big splash on TV. And then I'm just being totally irresponsible. My power, and then you have him who who's not going to be pushed around our our disrespected by this kid who thinks he owes the university. And so I think if we we both had a chance to do over again that we will do it are we would do it in kind of a where it was. But you know, me, you know, how state we've never directly had problems though, is just a disagreement or. Away of how we do things at eighteen, but you know, eighteen years old, and I'm pretty sure I'm taking eighteen year old and you give him a tremendous amount of power tremendous amount of odd. Just leveraged oversee. We have more people saying yes, rather than no that that that they make the same station. So everything's good between me and Ohio State. Now, I don't make it down as much as I would like to be pet. You know, just a distance from universities about forty minutes from our thirty or forty minutes from my house, but I usually make it to a couple of games a season..

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