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We are talking to Pat LIAM's vice president of the Orlando Magic. Orlando maggots. That's weird. The Orlando Magic, my apologies pack. We've been talking to him about his latest book that he co authored with Jim Denney called character. Carved in stone, the twelve Korver choose of West Point that build leaders and produce success. It really isn't one another history book and thanks for sticking around a little bit longer. Pat. These twelve virtues carved in stone starts with compassion chapter one. And you tell us about you, Liz, s grant a warrior with a heart and his compassion when it came to horses will carry we we were member grad, you know, as as an intense warrior, you know, who ultimately will lead the union victory in the civil war. You don't really think of compassion. But he did he had a he had a great heart for his soldiers. He had a great compassion and his family had a wonderful marriage and compassion towards those people, and he was a horseman. You know, he he was a excellent horsemen at West Point. And you know in back in those days in the war. Everybody was on horseback. Well, one day, he's riding his horse doubt a trail and sees one of his men off to the side just a whipping his horse feeding him, and and you know, just tacking this horse for some reason will grant was extremely angry. What over to that soldier and threatened him to within an inch of his life? If he ever saw him through treating again like that boy, it wasn't gonna be a pretty sight. And he he he had compassionate love for the horses as much as he did for his men that was I think that caught a side of grad, perhaps that we've overlooked. That's really what you do your teaching things in this. And that's why I call it a history book about people that I'm not sure I would have ever known about. And it all started with your visit to West Point and seeing these twelve benches and with the twelve core virtues of West Point that build leaders and produce excess and I think you can learn from these I think that's what you want us to do is to learn from each of these people about their their strengths in compassion, obviously with Ulysses grant, but you talked about during your fifty plus years of serving in both the army, and and other professional sports organizations that you've loaned hundreds of leaders and found that the most effective leaders have been people have great compassion. Well that or another way of phrasing terrier is simply that word people skills. Affective leaders have a heart for people. Yeah. They're they're interested in people. They're curious about people. They have empathy for people. They had a love for people. That's what the great leaders. I've learned in all phases. Really, really exemplify. And so you're right. One of the concerns that we have I have in this country is we're not teaching history. Properly, you know, throughout our grade schools are high schools are college American history should be the most exciting course, we take. I agree. We should we should be riveted by there's so many. But but it can be to kid. It can be boring. It can be just a bunch of memorization. So what we've tried to do. Here is bring these West Point products alive with some interesting background stories like. Omega. How bad Matthew Ridgway on on day, the Normandy invasion, whereas Ridgway on that first morning. Well, I'll tell you where he was Terri. He was parachuting behind enemy lines that morning with his troops. He was not out on a boat somewhere in the English channel or over in London. No, he was he was parish shooting in with his men. So many interesting features of history. And so we we tried to capture that under these twelve different headings, and and feature particular person like general, Norman, Schwarzkopf and others. Westport short has produced amazing group of men and women of who are leading our military. We should be very proud and supportive of them. Absolutely here. The book concludes with in this. This is a story that just breaks your heart. It concludes with a story about Peter Wang a fifteen year old hero. You wanna talk a little bit about Peter wedding. A student that the school debt in south Florida last year. Where the session came in. And and killed many of those students Marjorie stone school, and including fifteen year old Peter Wang will this young man. Already determined what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to go to West Point that was his career path. But he didn't make it. So West Point came to him. And they him and paid tribute to him and named him an honorary member of the United States military academy. Emotional guy. I still get cut a lumped up every time I read that conclusion teary young men, and it was gonna make his Mark in the military. But we bravely did his best to save some of his fellow students last year doubt if that school eight himself lost his life. But we'll always remember him. It's a really as you said, it's a it's a powerful conclusion conclusion to this really wonderful history books that Pat Williams has co-authored with Jim Danny it's called character. Carved in stone. The twelve core virtues of West Point that build leaders and produce excess and it's something for everybody. Really is. I think it should be in schools. It's it's that that good of a history.

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